Prince Snow Farm


A Little Break..But Not for Long

Hi Everyone...I have to take a break for a few weeks, but I promise I'll be back in early July with lots to talk about..I'll explain later...please stick around!!!!


Ben and Jerry's...I'm in Love

I have discovered Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee. We usually have ice cream in the freezer...but I don't partake. My husband and kids polish it off. I'm truly just not interested. Ok, now I am. This is the absolute best ice cream I have ever eaten. Sooo creamy with crackly crunchy sugar. It really is like having a cone of creme brulee, one of my favorite desserts.

So...what's your favorite flavor? My old, discontinued flavor was chocolate with peanut butter cookie dough. Hope to see it back some day. Love you Ben and Jerry's!
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