Prince Snow Farm


When I Hit the Lottery...

I want to wake up looking at the ocean...I've lived near the ocean for 44 years; however, never quite close enough to hear the crash of the waves, or to breathe in the salty air as I wake up in the morning...


Brittany, France Classics

I found this site , and I want everything! I will have to ask my friend Morgane if these are truly Brittany classics. Check out her VERY French blog


Hangin' Out at the Beach

My kids and I played at the beach on a more recent WARM day...nothing like the freezing weather we've had the last few days!


A Heavenly Dessert...and J. Crew's Scout Chino

I FINALLY grabbed 2 pairs of these on pop back after stalking for weeks. $19.99 a pair in size 4. Hopefully they fit true to size...otherwise I will cry.(Thanks to borrowed the pic...great site...check it out!)

I've made this dessert a bunch of times lately...easy as pie (ok, trifle). I cut up angel food cake and layer it in the bottom...layer of strawberries, layer of whipped cream(I do large Cool Whip), repeat. Save a few whole strawberries to decorate the top. Add raspberries or blueberries for a bit of color. Add chocolate chips or crushed Heath for a touch of sweetness. To make the strawberries juicier, sprinkle with sugar and let sit a while. It's pretty, easy, and feeds a crowd. Enjoy!
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