Prince Snow Farm


A Dream of a Laundry Room...If There is Such a Thing

Ok, we only have a family of 4...and a small-medium where I would put this, I'm not really sure. But I want it. All of my laundry done at once? No piles? No backup? No oops I forgot to throw it in the dryer. But I guess if I could afford that laundry room, I could also afford the laundress to go with it. A girl can dream....


Nature Walk at Parson's Reserve

More daffodils! My sister and I took my kids to Parson's Reserve this past Saturday. We had heard about this beautiful area with a field of daffodils. I missed it last year...really wanted to get there this year. You hike a path through the woods...maybe 15 minutes, and then you come to a clearing filled with the most glorious sight...daffodils everywhere! Apparently the owner planted them 60 years ago, then the most recent owner donated to the town's land trust for all to enjoy. We had so much fun.


Easter Daffodil Picking

Easter morning tradition...our 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter picking daffodils. So peaceful...and the sun was shining!
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