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Ok...I Did It!!!

Made out well on the J. Crew 30% off sale:

Perfect fit V chocolate small
Perfect fit V sea spray small
asssymetrical ruffle black small
perfect fit cascade neon rose small
hand cut flower art white small
crystal devotee cocktail ring small
for hubby; leather card holder

ONLY 93.98 SHIPPED!!!!!!

Now I have my spring tee wardrobe done.

I'm trying to get the scout chino in a 4 for 19.99.

The sun is supposed to be out here in southeastern Mass. after treacherous flooding. We had 6.25 inches this week.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. ooooh what fun goodies! Did you know that JCrew outlet offers a teacher discount? I just found that out on my last trip ~ extra savings means we can buy more! ;)


  2. Great selections, love that ring!

  3. Nice finds, they have good stuff on sale right now!

  4. great selection ! I'm glad you listen your needs and make you this pleasure!
    Spring seems to slowly comes here too , but too slowly for me !


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