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Mom Has Sweaty Palms
My 6 year old daughter went to a "climbing" party Sunday at a local rock climbing gym called Carabiner's. It's an awesome place. If you like heights. Which I don't. But of course, you can't let your 6 year old fearless "I can do anything" daughter know this. Especially when she's standing in line to climb a 65 foot ladder straight up. Yep. I had to hide my sweaty palms...and smile through my trembling lips. And yes oh yes she DID IT!!!! Of course she did. Her mom's the wimp. She's amazing.


  1. Seahell went to a party there! Son Ben has a pass and goes all the time to practice his climbing (when he has gas money!). I have never been and I cannot believe how high it is! Very scary!

  2. Amazing how fearless kids are. I remember jumping from the garden shed roof into sandbox whenI was 6. Yeah, try me to repeat the trick now- no way!!! And of course, because we have no control over- we constantly worry for the little ones. I can relate very well to how you feel. My hands have been sweaty on more than occasion with my eldest.

  3. congrats to your daughter and to you : it's not easy to be a mother when kid grows up!

  4. My father lives down the street from there!

    I go whenever I can with my boyfriend (Kathy's son Ben, actually) and our friends. Ben is crazy, he can do all the caves and things, but I really like to race. It's scary up at the top, but I can't let Ben see that. ;)

    Congratulations to both you and your daughter. :D


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