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I Think I'm in Love

After spending 2000.00 this past week to fix my 2002 Volvo wagon that probably isn't worth much more, I dont really have any right to be looking at clothing. But a girl can these tops from ANTHROPOLOGIE.
(By the way, we have had nothing but trouble with this car!!!!! Anyone else have a car story?)


  1. car , car , car ! The best way to spend money without any pleasure in compensation ! I could tell you about my last "big event" with my car : coming back from holidays , with 2 tired children and the car packed till the roof , a sunday ( nobody work here ! ) the car decided to "die" in a countryside road ( do you see Utah desert roads , it was those kind of no man land part of country !) : yihaaa ! I do love my red Kangoo ( yes her name is KANGOO)!
    and i do love those tops : you have to buy one for your selfish pleasure !lol

  2. I say treat yourself to something nice!

    We had an Audi that was forever having issues ~ so happy it's no longer parked in our driveway.



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