Prince Snow Farm


Ok...I Did It!!!

Made out well on the J. Crew 30% off sale:

Perfect fit V chocolate small
Perfect fit V sea spray small
asssymetrical ruffle black small
perfect fit cascade neon rose small
hand cut flower art white small
crystal devotee cocktail ring small
for hubby; leather card holder

ONLY 93.98 SHIPPED!!!!!!

Now I have my spring tee wardrobe done.

I'm trying to get the scout chino in a 4 for 19.99.

The sun is supposed to be out here in southeastern Mass. after treacherous flooding. We had 6.25 inches this week.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


I Think I'm in Love

After spending 2000.00 this past week to fix my 2002 Volvo wagon that probably isn't worth much more, I dont really have any right to be looking at clothing. But a girl can these tops from ANTHROPOLOGIE.
(By the way, we have had nothing but trouble with this car!!!!! Anyone else have a car story?)


I Love Spring

The Last Sledding of the Season on our Hill

Watching the Boats

Anything Green and Flowery

Gallons of Daffodils


Mom Has Sweaty Palms
My 6 year old daughter went to a "climbing" party Sunday at a local rock climbing gym called Carabiner's. It's an awesome place. If you like heights. Which I don't. But of course, you can't let your 6 year old fearless "I can do anything" daughter know this. Especially when she's standing in line to climb a 65 foot ladder straight up. Yep. I had to hide my sweaty palms...and smile through my trembling lips. And yes oh yes she DID IT!!!! Of course she did. Her mom's the wimp. She's amazing.
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