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Slides Full of Memories

My dad took loads of slides of us in the late 60's and all through the 70's. My mom was pregnant with her 5th and looking gorgeous. And I think that glow around my head was definitely my halo...although my brothers and sisters would not agree! I loved my baby doll...Baby Tender Love I think...(I'm on the top step)


  1. Awwwh so cute! My baby doll was named Sue Baby. :)

  2. My Dad also took slides! I loved having the slide show! Many years ago one of my sisters put them all on video, but now they should all be on DVD. My Grandparents also had slides. When my Grandfather died we all looked at them after the funeral and it was so nice. My Grandmother died in the 80's and to see her on the screen 20 years later was just the best gift that day.

  3. Isn't fun to look back ~ my son gets the biggest kick out of the so called "styles" of my years. I had a Baby Alive ~ I thought I was in heaven!


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