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I'm Sorry I've Been Away So Long!

Hi everyone. I have not blogged in over a month, and I truly miss it...and all of you! I have been reading though...otherwise I would miss my blogging friends too much. Life has been busy, so every ounce of free time has been used to keep up with the house after work.
My son has become very active in archery. I love it! He has been in several tournaments, and will compete in the nationals in Andover, Mass at the end of February. It has been a blast, and has us constantly on the go.

My son (11) and daughter (6) will also be starting lacrosse this I will do the best I can with blogging. The summer is always best for me with blogging because I am off from school.

Christmas was was my husband's surprise 50th!

We are stuck in a cold freeze here in Massachusetts...and it's only February. I am so jealous when I read blogs about "puttering" around the yard...what I wouldn't give to putter right now! I miss my yard...and garden, and window boxes. I miss the feel of the warm summer sun on my face while I watch my kids swim at the town beach. I even miss the birds waking me up ridiculously early...ok...maybe not.

Has anyone out there been finding any great shopping deals? I found a couple of bargains at J Crew and Marshalls...but not much. I'm hoping to find some good bargains when we go up to Kittery, ME during Feb vacation. We'll also be staying at Wentworth by the Sea for a night...I can't wait.

So I am still here, and PROMISE I will try to keep up at least once a week.

I also would love to take a good IRL, as I am VERY proud of my 14 pound weight loss. I am still exercising daily, and it feels great!

Talk to me!


  1. Hi monogramgirl! So nice to see you again! I have never heard of archery being played outside of camp, it must be very interesting! As you know, Seashell has been rowing for several years. In winter they have started indoor regattas with the rowing machines. We spent the afternoon at the Hyannis YMCA doing that on Saturday. She did so well that we are now going to BU on valentine's day for a really big one.

    Both sons played lacrosse but my oldest went on and played it in High School. It is a wonderful sport and exciting to watch. I miss the group of parents we had, sitting and watching every game. The best part...only about 1 hour each and then its over!! Seashell played one season and found it wasn't for her.

  2. hi monogramgirl !!!
    I'm so happy to find you back here ! I wondered if everything was okay in your life because od your silence! I'm so glad you're fine and busy !
    the winter is very cold here too and today we had some snow for the 4th time this winter ( which is a lot actually ) ! I missed your sweet comments ! WELCOME BACK

  3. Congrats on the 14 lb weight loss - you must feel so great!!! I know what you mean about finding the time...I have just decided that it's ok when I don't blog regularly because it's supposed to be fun, not a chore. So now I don't feel guilty when several days slip by wtihout a post. Glad to have you back!

  4. Welcome back. I always find it hard to get back into blogging when I have taken a break.
    Congratulations on your 14 lb weight loss! That is fantastic :)
    My oldest (almost 9) plays LAX too. this will be his 3rd year and he loves it! Maybe they will play each other...
    I LOVE the Wentworth by the Sea! It is such a great place. Enjoy your evening there :) Check the Hanna Andersson outlet. I find it hit or miss (for my boys) but one Pres. day weekend I hit paydirt! post any good finds...

  5. In winter they have started indoor regattas with the rowing machines.
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