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Please Help Me Spread the Word!!!

Hello fellow bloggers! I finally have gotten my act together, and I have set up the online auction to support CVS: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. As many of my loyal readers know, my 5 year old has suffered from this migraine related disorder since infancy. We have had the pleasure of attending an international medical conference on this often misdiagnosed illness in Boston 2 years ago. It was hosted by CVSA, the association that is trying to bring sufferers, families, and the medical community together. The auction will support CVSA.

Please, Please, Please send the link to this auction to your entire email address book. If people are not interested, they will simply delete!

Spread the word through the blogging world as well...I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO ANYONE WILLING TO POST A LINK ON THEIR BLOGS!

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately, but the auction has taken many hours to get going.

The auction opens on November 15th, but you can PREVIEW now at

Thanks and happy bidding!!


  1. If you ever need a copy of my book for an auction please let me know, I know it is not much but it could be coupled in a gift basket. I'd love to help! xoxo


  2. I will post a link on my blog tomorrow!


Thanks for chatting!

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