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One Last Chance...and Thanks!

Thanks girls for all of your support regarding my weight loss. It took a while, but I am maintaining, and thrilled that I am fitting in some skinny clothes again!

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it, but my daughter is due for an episode of CVS within the next week, so this is close to home...please check out what my auction has to offer:

And a glorious Thanksgiving to all of my blogging buddies and your families.


Hooray, I dd it!

Ok Fellow Bloggers, I finally did it. Ihave been trying to drop 10 pounds for a while, and I've finally done it! I started out at 133, and weighed in at 123.5 this weekend. Close enough?

I know some of you think this is too thin, but I feel great. The exercise has really made a difference. My husband and I do Leslie Sanson's Walk Away the Pounds every night.

I might have to do an IRL soon!

Don't forget to check out my auction at It is running until November 3oth to support Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome awareness.


Check Out These Great Items!

Up for auction now to support The Cyclic Vomiting Association:

Great Christmas and Holiday Gifts...great Birthday Gifts. Check it out!


Don't Forget!

Don't forget to check out the auction items to support Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome at There are items of many price ranges...something for everyone! I appreciate everyone's support with the auction...I am one lucky blogger!

(Auction opens tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.)


Thanks for the Award-Get to Know Me...

Thanks to Kathy and Seashell for the great award...I am honored.
Where is your cell phone?
In a pouch in my purse.

Your hair
: Straightish, wavyish, frizzyish...all at once...I know, imagine how I feel! Usually blowdry, flatiron, and cross my fingers.

Your mother
: 75, amazing, still works full time, cooks dinner every night...a loving powerhouse (who also reads my you Dooey :)

Your father
: 77, stubborn Irishman who can't stand the thought that he's not still 30...taught me to love gardening and birdwatching...retired pharmacist

Dream from last night: can't remember one

Favorite Drink
: Raspberry seltzer (ice cold) or coconut rum with pineapple juice

Dream/Goal: To retire in 9 years from teaching, and to have a second career...not sure what yet...also, to build a retirement home in Montana with my husband

What room are you in?: Kitchen/ Living Room (one big room) is playing Wii

Hobbies: gardening, decorating

What is it you fear?
: Getting sick or my husband getting sick, or not being able to keep my kids safe

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
: happy, same home, same job...unless we hit the lottery of course

Something you are not
: fond of heights, fond of deep water (can't swim)

Where were you last night
?: buying a car

Muffins: DD double chocolate...what happened to it? I miss it!

Wish list
: pay off bills, more time, more time, more time

Where did you grow up?
South Dartmouth, Mass

Last thing you did:
Walk away the Pounds with my husband

What are you wearing?
: sweats/exercise shirt

Maggie, 18 year old cat

Lots, work friends, neighborhood friends, growing up friends....treasures

Your life;
always amazing...always too fast

Your mood:

Missing Someone
: Edna

2002 volvo wagon, 2010 Kia Soul :)

Something you're not wearing:

Fav store: J Crew, T J Maxx, everywhere, anywhere

Fav color: green

Last time you laughed:
with friends this afternoon

can't keep track

Best friend:
Kevin, Tracy, Ro

A place you go over and over:
to the candy bowl

Favorite place to eat:
Elizabeth's in Fairhaven

I will nominate bloggers this week!

Look What We Bought!

We spent 4 hours in a Kia dealership in Bourne yesterday. My husband has been driving around in a 1989 Volvo that has seen better days. It was time for something new...on a budget. We researched a bit, and decided to look at the Kia Soul. It is awesome...and way roomier than we expected. We picked alien green...cute car, cute color. The warranty is excellent. Safety rating is excellent. Love those side curtain air bags too.

Also, don;t forget to check out the auction:


Please Help Me Spread the Word!!!

Hello fellow bloggers! I finally have gotten my act together, and I have set up the online auction to support CVS: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. As many of my loyal readers know, my 5 year old has suffered from this migraine related disorder since infancy. We have had the pleasure of attending an international medical conference on this often misdiagnosed illness in Boston 2 years ago. It was hosted by CVSA, the association that is trying to bring sufferers, families, and the medical community together. The auction will support CVSA.

Please, Please, Please send the link to this auction to your entire email address book. If people are not interested, they will simply delete!

Spread the word through the blogging world as well...I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO ANYONE WILLING TO POST A LINK ON THEIR BLOGS!

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately, but the auction has taken many hours to get going.

The auction opens on November 15th, but you can PREVIEW now at

Thanks and happy bidding!!
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