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I am in Love With Montana

My husband and I visited Montana on a cross country trip in the early 1990's. We have always held it dear to our hearts. Every once in a while we look for land. Our dream is to buy a nice piece of land now, and to build on it someday when we retire. For now...we're just dreaming.


  1. Good plan! Nothing wrong with dreamin' either ;) I've always wanted to drive through Montana. I've been to Colorado and loved it so much. That's where I want to eventually end up.


  2. My plan is to live around Colonial Williamsburg, VA. I figured I could retire and work there while husband fishes! I love the new layout!

  3. thanks for comment: our fall in general are quite dry in september : the weather can be better that in july!When october come it's more wet weather with some big tempest on the coast !I love both side...But this year was a particular hot're so lucky to be in a snowy "country" !I have just a wish : to see snow this winter... it's not usual in Britany: i saw it like 5 times in my whole life!

  4. Dreams are why we get out of bed in the morning :O) Keep dreaming!

  5. Montana is beautiful, but as far as I understand is owned entirely by the U.S. government. In order to actually live there you need inquire through the government and if lucky will be able to put on an occasional "Truman Show" for a few visitors. Another option is to travel the country saying you're from Montana. I believe there's a stipend involved. Unfortunately, no one actually *lives* in Montana.

    Or not. Thanks for following me and I wish you all the best!


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