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Healthy Halloween Treats

Aren't these adorable?

We are in charge of the healthy snacks for my daughter's Kindergarten class as they celebrate Halloween. I got this adorable idea from a friend of mine.

Cut the top off of the orange. Scoop out insides and set aside. Carve face. Let insides dry before adding fruit salad. (Add as close to the time you are using as possible.) Enjoy!

Sorry I have neglected my blogging friends this week...but life has been a bit hectic. I am also pleased to announce that my family and friends have lavished me with cards, cakes and thoughtful gifts as I turned 44 on the 22nd! Shhh....:)


  1. Oh how funny, I made those for my son when he was in Montessori preschool ~ he is 19 now! It’s a great fun and healthy snack.

    Hope you had fun celebrating your happy day!


  2. Cute idea think I might give that a go!

  3. Happy Birthday! That is an excellent idea for the kids! My kids were in grade school when it was still ok to bring in cupcakes, candy and such. They even had a Halloween parade around the school driveway!

  4. I love this idea-so healthy!
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday,

  5. Happy birthday!

    These are so cute! I can't resist delicious fruit. Then again, I can't resist delicious candy either...

  6. happy birthday to you with some late !!!! i hope you had a great day !
    i didn't received yet the gift but i'm sure i will those days !!!
    Fall is still soooo beautiful here ( one of the most beautiful since years) trees are gorgeous , weather calm and no cold at all ! i will enjoy it this week as i go in my seaside house with familly !

  7. Happy Birthday! You and I share that day, actually :). Those oranges are too cute!

  8. This is awesome..., and so much easier to carve too!!!
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  9. How long do the oranges take to dry out?


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