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Love this Bed!

We bought this twin bed for our daughter "C" this week. We got it in white, and with a trundle. I found it at Zac and Zoe. I LOVE the clean. contemporary lines. Also received free shipping!


Healthy Halloween Treats

Aren't these adorable?

We are in charge of the healthy snacks for my daughter's Kindergarten class as they celebrate Halloween. I got this adorable idea from a friend of mine.

Cut the top off of the orange. Scoop out insides and set aside. Carve face. Let insides dry before adding fruit salad. (Add as close to the time you are using as possible.) Enjoy!

Sorry I have neglected my blogging friends this week...but life has been a bit hectic. I am also pleased to announce that my family and friends have lavished me with cards, cakes and thoughtful gifts as I turned 44 on the 22nd! Shhh....:)


There's Something Dreamy About These...

I've been wanting to do a bit of a remodel on our bedroom. We have wallpaper, which we would like to see go, but then that means skimcoating the walls too. I am just looking for a simple, clean, healthy room. I've been checking out organic bedding. I googled "organic comforters" under images, and these were some of my favorites. I think it's time to save up for healthy bedding. What do you think?

WEIGHT UPDATE: I'm hovering at 129lbs. Only 4 pounds lost. I'm a bit discouraged, but I think it'll be a good week.


Going to a Concert This Weekend

I'm going to see Phil Vassar this weekend at The Zeiterion Theatre which is about a 15 minute drive from our house. It's a beautifully restored theatre, and every seat in the house has an excellent view.
So yes, I am a country fan. I've listened to Phil Vassar for years, and enjoy the stories behind his songs, and his amazing voice.

I also happen to be a fan of just about every genre of music you could name. Last year we saw Eric Clapton (a dream). If it's music...I listen to it.

So this will be a night out for DH and I...probably a bite to eat first...can't wait!


Get a Head Start on the Season

If you've never tried Monin's time you did. My absolute favorite is the gingerbread flavor. Perhaps you are thinking.. a splash in her lovely...oh no, I don't drink coffee; however I do drink Gingerbread Martinis. This is a must have for the holiday season. I got the recipe on the Monin site. They have a bazillion recipes for all of their different flavor syrups. Don't get me is tasty in coffee(so I've heard)...but you will have the perfect holiday martini.

Helpful Hint: You CAN order the syrup right on the Monin site; but we have purchased all of ours at TJMaxx and Marshalls. Much less expensive...and no to worry, still has a long shelf life.

Let me know if you try the Gingerbread Syrup...I want to hear all of your concoctions.


I am in Love With Montana

My husband and I visited Montana on a cross country trip in the early 1990's. We have always held it dear to our hearts. Every once in a while we look for land. Our dream is to buy a nice piece of land now, and to build on it someday when we retire. For now...we're just dreaming.


So Refreshing

We discovered Lipton Cold Brew this summer. I lay 3 (very large) tea bags over the edge of my pitcher, pour water in from my Brita pitcher, and let sit 3 minutes. Now THAT is easy tea. Perfect for our on the go lifestyles.
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