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Thanks for the Great Advice...Here I Go!!!

Thanks to all of my wonderful, helpful, and informative blogger friends for their wonderful advice on how to lose 10 pounds. I have already taken advice from several of you! I have started eating more often when my schedule permits, stopped drinking Carnation Breakfast in the morning, eat raw almonds as a little snack. I have also started adding more protein...a little peanut butter with breakfast...chicken in my lunch. Just by making these modifications, I lost 2 pounds this week! Yes!! So now I am at 131 pounds. I also ran out and bought Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD as recommended by another one of my fav bloggers Brunch at Saks. I will start that possibly today. It's supposed to yield great results. So I'm off and running.

Starting weight: 133 pounds
Current weight: 131 pounds
Time: 1 week
Goal: 123 pounds(approx....give or take a couple)
Time Goal: Thanksgiving

Once again, thanks so much. I could not have made the changes without your guidance and suggestions.

I will check in every Sunday with my results!!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. I look forward to your updates :-)

  2. What a great start! By the way...I pulled off the highway to get gas yesterday and after I came out of the Mobil station, getting ready to take a left back to the highway I saw...your giant sea horse! You have a lovely town!

  3. Oh my goodness were a mile from my house! The funny thing is...I was on the Cape! We went to Sam Diego's and Hyannis Mall. We'll have to have you back and show you around sometime!

  4. We went to Providence! We had to use up some coupons from Delia's before the 20th and we got to see some of the Water Fire. We also ate at the Melting Pot, which was good but VERY expensive! It would be a wonderful place for an anniversary dinner. My sons girlfriend's best friends family owns Sam Diegos! They go in for the fried ice cream all the time. It was funny, because I looked up and there was that seahorse and I knew I had seen it before! There was a house on the way back that had tons of tomatoes for sale and the house across the street had a big yard sale going on.

  5. I like working out with the Wii fit. Once I got all the advance stuff unlocked I worked out at a much faster pace than they went. I did the step aerobics class (advance) and I would fly, for 30 min, dripping in sweat and lost weight.


  6. Sounds like you're off to a great start!

  7. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while now - subscribing through my google it! But your post just let me realize you are a teacher! I also teach at a public middle school - 6th, 7th and 8th grade English/Reading. I have a blog too....bichonluvrscloset - stop by sometime! I see you posted that pic of the seahorse/building thing that was also in Kathy's blog - what IS that? I love seahorses! Thanks!

  8. your post helped me realize that i need to really make an effort to eat more protein! thanks! good luck! we are all rooting for you!


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