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Oops, I Did It Again!

Cardigan in a Medium 29.99

Cocktail capris in Chambray: rose and khaki Size 6 19.99 each (sinful)

Francie wool skirt in persimmon size 4 19.99

I can wear all of these items when school starts up agin in September. I am definitely a J. Crew girl...but only on extreme sale. I just can't swing slight sales. Or free shipping on I hit the site with certain things in mind, and certain prices. This way, I can build my wardrobe with some nice(usually) pieces, while still staying within my budget.

I also have my eye on a pair of Dansko clogs for school...long days of standing. PLEASE tell me where I can get them for a steal.


  1. Those are some great buys.

    Our J Crew shopping habits are similar. I only go for those low, low markdowns.

  2. I got that cardi last year and love it - have worn it tons!

  3. oh and the cocktail capris too in the rose... love those also. I need to check out the sales!

  4. Love your new *back to school* clothes! I found my Danskos on eBay and must admit that they are now my favorite shoes for school ~ they are a life saver for standing on those hard floors all day.


  5. Nice purchases! I get my clogs at the Cape Cod Shoe Market. They are usually cheaper than the other stores, but you would end up spending on gas what you save! I don't see the Danskos on sale too often. Maybe if has a discount?

  6. Love the Cardigan. I have a similar one that got a paint stain on it that I now wear in the house only..., so I need another one.

  7. Fantastic deals at the Crew...congratulations! :)

    As for the clogs, I would try and run sales frequently and sometimes you can get shoes for a complete steal. I purchased a pair of Clarks clogs from a couple months ago for $14.95. They are SO comfortable, too. Just like walking on pillows...

  8. Thanks for your advice everyone! The cocktail capris and Francie arrived today. The capris fit perfectly! The Francie is a little snug, but I usually go for 4's in skirts...should have grabbed the 6...will try to trade on JCrewaficionada's weekly exchange. I will search for the clogs following all of your great advice.

    It is a dream day here in Massachusetts! upper 70's, low humidity, a A/C today!

  9. Love your finds - what great deals!! Love that you can wear it all into fall, too. I was happy when I went last week and got cafe capris in khaki and a Jackie in spring daisy, since I can wear them at least through October, if not longer!

    As far as the Danskos...I don't know about a place to get a deal on them, but I will say it is some of the best-spent money there is. They are so worth it, truly.


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