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Memory Lane

Today I reread a book that I read probably 35 years ago.
I bought it for 99 cents on EBay.

I have had vivid memories of this book for so many years. Catherine Woolley wrote many books about "Ginnie" and "Geneva" and their adventures. This was my favorite because it takes place on Cape Cod. The girls pick beach plums and dig quahogs. They swim in the bay and eat lobster rolls. Having lived in this area my whole life, I have always enjoyed reading fiction set in local areas. In fact, I'll tell you a bit of a secret...I aspire to be a children's author, and have actually penned a chapter or so set in the town we live in. Maybe I'll drop a few lines of it on my blog and you can let me know your opinions.


  1. I would be interested in reading a few lines from your work in progress. I'm sure you have a little gem in the making. Keep going . . .

  2. What a great find! It is like finding an old friend!

  3. Fantastic find!! I love old childhood books. And I would love to read anything you want to share with us, too.

  4. I loved that book! I had almost forgotten about it--I didn't even know it was very popular. My copy came from a used book store (and it was well-loved when I bought it for $.25 fifteen years ago, so you can imagine what it looks like today!). This was the only one I read--I didn't realize there were more in the series--I'll have to keep an eye out for them!

  5. ooh- I read that book as well as a child on Cape Cod. I'm from the South but my maternal grandparents had a home there - seriously, it was like a foreign country for us. And I also had no idea it was part of a serie. I need to look for them.

  6. I'm trying to remember if I read that ornot! Iloved those type of books when I was a child!
    How wonderful to become a children's book author! Looking forward to your posts on that!
    This coastal area is a beautiful and wonderful inspiration for that!

  7. OMG. I HAVE that very own original copy from my childhood!!! Just seeing that on your blog was like a jolt from the past.

    I wanted to grow up and have a little girl named Ginnie after reading that.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face!! :)

  8. Oh, we just loved-loved-loved this one Miss Daffodil, and the fact you have a picture of the cover makes it wonderful to remember!

    We would love to read some of your chapter, as well as your blog is written the children's book has to be equally wonderful, probably even better!

    We love the blog, and found our way here via the Cape House!

  9. this was such a favorite of mine!!! i have an old tattered copy that i will NEVER give up!


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