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Let's Sleep on the Porch

A few years ago we replaced the screen on our screen porch with windows. It was one of the best moves we've ever made. Now we have a 4 season room. Before, we couldn't really "decorate" because the space was open to the elements.

We get the most delightful afternoon breeze. In spring and fall I open the door to the house and the kids play on the porch for hours. In winter, my son goes out there even when it's chilly. He likes to play with his cars and action figures. And summer...well, it's just part of our natural living space with a feeling like we're outside.

The street side has 3 windows, the side facing the yard has 4 windows. I found the perfect set at Pottery Barn Teen. Much more affordable than the grownup version! (If you look at my last post, the screen porch is on the far right side of the house).

I just might have to sleep out there one of these nights.


  1. This room looks so cool and inviting! When we lived in Maine, the black flies were so bad that we had to build a screen porch just so the kids could go outside in the spring and early summer! This is such a nice room to enjoy all year around.

  2. I want to come hang out on your porch!!! It would be so nice for sleeping...mmmmmmmm.

  3. That is gorgeous! I knew I'd love clicking on this link.

  4. We had a screen in porch in the home I grew up in ~ my brother and I would often build a fort and sleep in it ~ SO much fun!


  5. Love your blog!!! And can I take a nap there!?

  6. It looks so loungy..., and I enjoy nothing more than a wonderful breeze.

  7. LOVE it! what's NOT to love about this!

  8. We are thinking of switching our screen porch in the same manner and I'm delighted to find someone who has done it - and loves it! We are in the dreaming/planning stage, so any suggestions that you have are appreciated. I love how comfy yours looks - it would be so easy to snuggle up there and relax.


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