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Irish Woolens to Die For

I found these gorgeous woolen knits online at Blarney Woolen Mills, and I fell in love! The prices throughout the site seem reasonable for the quality. Time to make a Christmas list!!


  1. Oh, prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh that hat is soooo cute! I'm off to look at the site...

  3. I love the first one! It would be perfect for the chillier months in Florida.

  4. Oh, the first one is fabulous. I agree, their prices are bad at all. I found a few items on their site that would be perfect for the New England winter ahead!


  5. Heidi-I agree... so pretty.

    Steph-After last winter, we all need to have afew cute hats on hand!

    Miss Madras-The first one is very chic.

    Jo-I'm placing an order tonight! Gifts this time.

  6. pretty! I love the deep purple hat!

  7. Those do look wonderful. My parents went to Ireland in the spring and brought back some great sweaters for relatives (but none for me!).

  8. They are really cosy in winter - perfect for beach walks! The climate over here isn't so different to Nantucket in the fall (summer is sadly very different!).
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, look forward to seeing how you get on over the winter at school!


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