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Do We Have to Go Back?'s that time of year again...NO , I'm not talking about cool nights and crisp days, autumn leaves and pumpkins and ghosts...although that will come in time. I'm talking about the return to school. I teach 6th grade, my husband teaches 5th (different towns). My kids are in K and 5th. Wow, when did that happen?...

But I'm just not ready. Sure, my class is pretty much ready: prettified, organized, etc...but not me. Not "Mom". Not the person who has had time to keep the house organized, cook a few extra yummy meals...the mom who has been here to referee the daily squabbles and serve up endless snacks. The mom who has run to swimming lessons at the beach. The mom who has been able to give extra hugs and kisses and I love you's (plural) just because we're always together...THAT mom is not ready.

Don't be fooled, I've done this before. Eighteen times to be exact. Ten times with kids. Each time no easier than the last. My heart is heavy. My throat chokes back the tears that threaten to burst forth.

Both of my kids will be in school full time this year, so at least I won't be having the guilty mom who left her child with a babysitter feeling this year. But I will find myself missing our daily routine. We are such a lucky family to get to spend summers and school vacations together...and I am able to be home with the kids by about husband slightly after no complaints there, believe me. And I suppose it will be nice to get a paycheck again.

I may not get much blogging in this week. But I promise to read and check in. I'll be up at 5:20 each morning(yuck), and asleep by 9:30 or 10:00. Not exactly my summer hours. It's an adjustment period. For all of us. No fair...stomp, stomp.

Pillow available at want to give credit for the photo I borrowed...and we have a cat not a dog....


  1. I am so sorry you have to go back! Seashell goes back on the 8th and we stopped into the HS on friday to check her schedule and teachers. Our school Dept. decided to move the 8th graders into the HS this fall and the place is in chaos! They have moved all the house offices, moved kids from one house to another, changed guidance counselors and all the poor teachers that have been in the middle school for years have had to move to new spaces. I feel so sorry for them! And so many of the HS teachers have had to relocate in their building.

    I hope you have an excellent class and a wonderfully successful year!!!!!

  2. AH THE GO BACK TO SCHOOL ! I understand you how hard is lefting a "way of life" with the family during summertime and take a new rythm in september ! As i'm concerned it's always hard to balance time for school and time for my family : we have so much to do for school that is hard to deal with the mom role : and i hate having to choose between the quality of being a good teacher and a good mom !
    You're so lucky to be home at 3 : her i will be home at 6 :school ends at 4.30...
    SO GOOD LUCK TO MANAGE THE BALANCE YOUR 2 "JOBS"! I will have a thought for you !

  3. I'm right there with you! I go back tomorrow and I'm feeling out of sorts ~ just not ready. I was smart enough this year to get a few meals in the freezer so I won't be struggling to feed my family before 10pm :)

    Thanks for all the info on Nantucket. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to return {didn't want to leave in the first place!} again very soon.


  4. I am in the same place......I start back up next week, (I teach High School English in MA.) but i am going in for three prof. days this week, and to set up my classroom. My little boy (2.5) will be going back to his family home daycare while I teach during the day.........i will miss our summer days, our summer routine, sleeping late in the morning, all of that good stuff! It's hard not to be in a bitter mood, when going back, instead of feeling refreshed and ready to teach. I think mommies who teach have the toughest jobs ever!!! Best of luck to you!

  5. Well I can understand how all of you feel. I feel the same way,even tho Im not a teacher. I'm not ready for summer to end. I so enjoy my time with my children especially this age as they are getting older (now entering 5th and 7th). I so enjoyed not having the frantcic schedule that lies ahead.


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