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Blogging Friendships

I've been thinking about the whole blogging world lately. I think my husband thinks we're some kind of a cult. It's amazing how different bloggers or posts pop into my mind on a daily basis. I've caught myself mid-sentence...suddenly realizing that my family probably doesn't get it. Chloe's sweet kitty passes away and I shed a tear. Gingersnap is so positive and adorable, even while dealing with life-altering medical issues, (as does Chloe), and I find motivation in this for my own life. Salastina is having a baby, and I wonder how she is feeling. Dinagideon has her feelings hurt by an anonymous blogger, and my heart aches for her. Hollie was not having an easy transition back to teaching after spending the summer with her daughter. (I SOOO get it.) Now she hasn't blogged for 2 weeks, and I hope she's ok.

I think about Heidi and her many polishes, cute dog,and spiffy outfits; about FFM away on her beach getaway, and miss her posts. I think about Morgane in France, a loyal follower and commenter...also a teacher, and see our lives paralleling one another. I think about Vanessa moving soon and wish her a smooth transition; about Kathy and Steph, both living so close to me yet we have never met. I think about Gigi, Jo, and the Mrs...among many others that I read faithfully...every one of them leaving a small piece of their lives with me....a fashion tip, a recipe, a heartfelt sentiment, a piece of advice.

It's ironic...between work and family, and our neighborhood, I have been blessed with an abundance of lifelong friendships. So I wasn't really looking to forge new ones. But something changed along the way. Thanks're awesome.


  1. Such nice thoughts monogramgirl! I find myself doing the same thing and often saying "there is this girl I know who..." It is so hard to explain to people that I "know" all these people and have never really met them but know so much about their lives. The blog world is strange and wonderful and I love it!

  2. My hubby doesn't really get it...but he is seeing the positive effects because of our friendships. He knows that when I say my blog friends I really mean "friends."

    You are so sweet to write those words. I love your blog and your energy is limitless.

    Thank you for introducing me to other bloggers...I want to check out Hollie's blog now!

    Have a nice night, hon!

  3. Ditto to what Kathy said! This is the nicest post I've ever read - and it's so true. I'm glad that E actually got to meet a few blogging friends, just because I can talk about them more. No one else gets it. I just go with "A friend of mine..." because that's what you all are - my friends. xoxo

  4. so nice thoughts , so nice to be on yours ! i'm like this too : i'm thinking of you and our parrallele lives ... It's like a strange connection... It's great !
    real friendship can begin on the net : i have friend which i met by this ! one of them is now the wife of my brother in law !

  5. It seems our husbands/boyfriends don't get it. My bloggy friends have replaced my co-workers since being laid off this year. It is a wonderful experience to read up on their lives, and get feedback on things going on in mine.
    I found your blog through Preppy in New England. Such a cute blog too.

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! Each morning I look forward to checking in with my friends and seeing what they have been up to. I'm going to have to get a little earlier when school starts :)


  7. Yesterday, at work, I went onto Chloe's blog because we were talking about customer's reactions to signs. I wanted to show my co-workers her "OOL" post. When I saw the post about their 19 year old kitty, I had to get up and walk away from my desk. Yes, we are touched by each different blog!! It just makes our world a little richer! :)

  8. cute post! glad you're making so many friendS!

  9. What a nice post! Is is so much about the connections we make, isn't it? One of these days I'll get back to writing, I miss it but have been stretched thin lately.
    Hopefully we will meet soon!

  10. Thank you for the comment about the Chopped Antipasti ;) You can also add any other ingredients you love also.

    This post was very moving. You are a very thoughtful person. Looking forward to reading more now that Summer is winding down and swim team is over ;)

    Have a great day ;)

    Karen B.

  11. You are so sweet. I love this thoughtful post. The blog world is really amazing.


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