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Do We Have to Go Back?'s that time of year again...NO , I'm not talking about cool nights and crisp days, autumn leaves and pumpkins and ghosts...although that will come in time. I'm talking about the return to school. I teach 6th grade, my husband teaches 5th (different towns). My kids are in K and 5th. Wow, when did that happen?...

But I'm just not ready. Sure, my class is pretty much ready: prettified, organized, etc...but not me. Not "Mom". Not the person who has had time to keep the house organized, cook a few extra yummy meals...the mom who has been here to referee the daily squabbles and serve up endless snacks. The mom who has run to swimming lessons at the beach. The mom who has been able to give extra hugs and kisses and I love you's (plural) just because we're always together...THAT mom is not ready.

Don't be fooled, I've done this before. Eighteen times to be exact. Ten times with kids. Each time no easier than the last. My heart is heavy. My throat chokes back the tears that threaten to burst forth.

Both of my kids will be in school full time this year, so at least I won't be having the guilty mom who left her child with a babysitter feeling this year. But I will find myself missing our daily routine. We are such a lucky family to get to spend summers and school vacations together...and I am able to be home with the kids by about husband slightly after no complaints there, believe me. And I suppose it will be nice to get a paycheck again.

I may not get much blogging in this week. But I promise to read and check in. I'll be up at 5:20 each morning(yuck), and asleep by 9:30 or 10:00. Not exactly my summer hours. It's an adjustment period. For all of us. No fair...stomp, stomp.

Pillow available at want to give credit for the photo I borrowed...and we have a cat not a dog....


What a Wonderful Weekend

My husband and I took our 5 and 10 year olds to Santa's Village in New Hampshire this weekend. We stayed at The Mountain View Grand Hotel and Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire. We were extremely pleased with our choice of hotels. Our room was grand and had comfy beds with sumptuous linens. The staff was polite, friendly, and very accommodating. The grounds and views were breathtaking from every angle.

There is an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a croquet court, tennis courts, a farm, a giant chess game, a golf course, a playground, shuffleboard...just to name a few of the activities. We did not have time to pack it all in.

The food in the tavern was very tasty...and visually appealing...always a plus. The porch was comfy, had loads of seating, and very good pina coladas :)...tapas are also available on the porch.

There is also a state of the art fitness facility, and a beautiful spa.

We will definitely head back next summer, we have a lot more to explore! Two thumbs up!!


Irish Woolens to Die For

I found these gorgeous woolen knits online at Blarney Woolen Mills, and I fell in love! The prices throughout the site seem reasonable for the quality. Time to make a Christmas list!!


Blogging Friendships

I've been thinking about the whole blogging world lately. I think my husband thinks we're some kind of a cult. It's amazing how different bloggers or posts pop into my mind on a daily basis. I've caught myself mid-sentence...suddenly realizing that my family probably doesn't get it. Chloe's sweet kitty passes away and I shed a tear. Gingersnap is so positive and adorable, even while dealing with life-altering medical issues, (as does Chloe), and I find motivation in this for my own life. Salastina is having a baby, and I wonder how she is feeling. Dinagideon has her feelings hurt by an anonymous blogger, and my heart aches for her. Hollie was not having an easy transition back to teaching after spending the summer with her daughter. (I SOOO get it.) Now she hasn't blogged for 2 weeks, and I hope she's ok.

I think about Heidi and her many polishes, cute dog,and spiffy outfits; about FFM away on her beach getaway, and miss her posts. I think about Morgane in France, a loyal follower and commenter...also a teacher, and see our lives paralleling one another. I think about Vanessa moving soon and wish her a smooth transition; about Kathy and Steph, both living so close to me yet we have never met. I think about Gigi, Jo, and the Mrs...among many others that I read faithfully...every one of them leaving a small piece of their lives with me....a fashion tip, a recipe, a heartfelt sentiment, a piece of advice.

It's ironic...between work and family, and our neighborhood, I have been blessed with an abundance of lifelong friendships. So I wasn't really looking to forge new ones. But something changed along the way. Thanks're awesome.


Let's Sleep on the Porch

A few years ago we replaced the screen on our screen porch with windows. It was one of the best moves we've ever made. Now we have a 4 season room. Before, we couldn't really "decorate" because the space was open to the elements.

We get the most delightful afternoon breeze. In spring and fall I open the door to the house and the kids play on the porch for hours. In winter, my son goes out there even when it's chilly. He likes to play with his cars and action figures. And summer...well, it's just part of our natural living space with a feeling like we're outside.

The street side has 3 windows, the side facing the yard has 4 windows. I found the perfect set at Pottery Barn Teen. Much more affordable than the grownup version! (If you look at my last post, the screen porch is on the far right side of the house).

I just might have to sleep out there one of these nights.


Chapter One

Hi everyone. Today was a productive day, filled with cleaning , laundry, dishes, a burger at Five Guys(yum), and the Madeline movie. Many of you had very supportive comments about me writing my first book, so I though I'd throw the first few paragraphs out and ask for your TRUE opinions. You can't get published if you suck, so please be good critics. Perhaps this will become a weekly ritual!


She pulled the worn Frisbee back toward her shoulder, taking in a bigger than usual breath of air before releasing the disc fast and straight. The salty air filled her lungs, giving her an indescribable sense of peace. But the angle of the sun and the muted pinkish-purple hues of the sky made her realize that she was going to be late-again.

“Come on Sam, let’s go,” she said, her body suddenly tense from head to toe.

“I promised Dad I would be home before dark. It’s going to be close. Come on, let’s run.”

Sam looked up at Molly with understanding, dropping the punctured Frisbee at her feet. Molly grabbed it, unconsciously wiping the saliva across her cutoff jeans. Molly and Sam ran quickly past the lighthouse, across the wide expanse of green grass, across the gravel filled driveway, and down the clamshell path to the cottage. Daylight seemed to hang by a thread, knowing that a promise was at stake.

As Molly turned the knob to the front door, she heard the crunching sound of tires on the driveway. She closed the door behind her, knowing she had made it…this time.

Molly quickly washed her hands and poured a bowl of cold water for Sam.

“Our secret,” she whispered in his ear, leaving a quick kiss on top of his head.

She opened the door just in time to see her dad stepping down from his red 1970 Chevy pickup. A smile crossed his face as he saw her approaching.

Copyright 2009 Monogram Girl


Gorgeous Sea Glass Jewelry

My son's best friend's sister(stay with me here), handcrafts incredible seaglass pieces in sterling silver: rings, necklaces, earrings...even watches. The pieces are unique and definitely heirloom quality. Check out Lita!


Memory Lane

Today I reread a book that I read probably 35 years ago.
I bought it for 99 cents on EBay.

I have had vivid memories of this book for so many years. Catherine Woolley wrote many books about "Ginnie" and "Geneva" and their adventures. This was my favorite because it takes place on Cape Cod. The girls pick beach plums and dig quahogs. They swim in the bay and eat lobster rolls. Having lived in this area my whole life, I have always enjoyed reading fiction set in local areas. In fact, I'll tell you a bit of a secret...I aspire to be a children's author, and have actually penned a chapter or so set in the town we live in. Maybe I'll drop a few lines of it on my blog and you can let me know your opinions.


Oops, I Did It Again!

Cardigan in a Medium 29.99

Cocktail capris in Chambray: rose and khaki Size 6 19.99 each (sinful)

Francie wool skirt in persimmon size 4 19.99

I can wear all of these items when school starts up agin in September. I am definitely a J. Crew girl...but only on extreme sale. I just can't swing slight sales. Or free shipping on I hit the site with certain things in mind, and certain prices. This way, I can build my wardrobe with some nice(usually) pieces, while still staying within my budget.

I also have my eye on a pair of Dansko clogs for school...long days of standing. PLEASE tell me where I can get them for a steal.


Nature's Bounty

I haven't really written about our veggie garden yet...but after the amount of weeding I've done this week (10 hours easily)...well, it deserves to be written about. We've always had a garden. A modest garden. Plenty of peppers and eggplant and tomatoes to keep us and a few neighbors happy. But we wanted's the American way after all, right?

So we now have as my five year old puts it, enough for our family to have half and give half to "the people". I'm not sure exactly who "the people" are...but I hope there are a lot of them. We've only been picking for about a week now because of our exceptionally rainy spring...and we already have more zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers then we know what to do with.

How big is this garden you ask? Well, let's just start by saying we have 65 tomato plants. Yes, 65! Every variety you can imagine. And then we have a million varieties of peppers, eggplant, kale, summer squash, zucchini, acorn squash, hubbard squash, butternut squash, onions, basil, celery, radishes, pumpkins. Oh yes, I'm officially a farmer now. You should see me out there in my J Crew wellies, cargo shorts, t shirt, mud-smeared face. I keep the neighbors amused.

I'm keeping a tally as we pick. I though it would be kind of cool to see the actual yield of this monstrosity.

So if anyone wants to come do laundry, pick up toys, or unload the dishwasher while I'm weeding...just let me know.

I'll try to post a few pictures of "the farm" this week.


To Zumba or Not to Zumba

I've heard a lot of good and sweaty things about what do you think? Should I try it?
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