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Can't Wait to Get These!

I bought the Aurora sandal by J. Crew while it was still on the 20% off sale. I have loved them, and got them for a steal. Now I hope they fit! I also picked up several Crewcuts bargains for my daughter, as it is still very warm here in September. We don't usually start with real fall clothes until mid-October. Then it comes fast! I also picked up a bargain plaid casual shirt for my brother for his b-day. He is a lawyer in New York City, 2nd year, and still works insane hours(including Father's Day!), and doesn't have much shopping time!

Stay tuned for a very exciting husband made me the best surprise EVER!!!


  1. I just love these sandals! You are so lucky to get them! Please review when they arrive.

  2. I just don't seem to be able to get out of my flip flops and wear something more..., well like this shoe of yours!

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