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A Trip to the Outlets...and Food for Thought

This lobster roll has been on my mind for weeks. It is from The Raw Bar in Mashpee. I can't wait to go. It has always been a tradition that my husband and I go for lobster our first week out. We used to go to Christie's in Newport...but they closed! Then we discovered the lobster roll at The Raw Bar through The Phantom Gourmet. It is now a tradition...with a trip to Mashpee Commons of course! Don't get too excited...lobster in June...peanut butter and jelly by the time August rolls around. We are so spoiled to be home with our kids!

The Raw Bar is best on a sunny day...soon to arrive?

So instead, we braved the drizzle and went shopping...

We took a ride to the Wrentham Village Outlets today. This picture is of 2 adorable tops my 5 year old picked out at the J.Crew outlet. She knows what she likes! I have almost the same combo with my J.Crew rolling ruffles, and a J.Crew short sleeve cardigan in the same color. It was good timing at the son also got 2 heavy weight pique polos and 2 pairs of khakis, and I picked up the navy lobster critter capris...a New England must have! It felt great to be out and about my first day off of school. Tomorrow is a clean until you can find the floor again kind of day.


  1. Love your daughter's outlet pics!! So cute!! Yay for being off school. Hope you get lots done today!!

  2. Welcome to summer vacation!

  3. Love those outlets. We are heading out there next week and I'm hoping for some good finds!
    Lobster Rolls are a summer treat for Mr. Boston. He just LOVES them! We will check this one out, thanks!

  4. hummmmmmmm lobster ! i love it ! my grand father who was a fisherman brought us lobster every summer , every week !
    and last summer i remember the day we win a big big lobster at a fishermen festival : imagine our joyce to bring it at home : i love to cook them on the BBQ : it's amazing ! have you already try it?
    I'm also glad you love the estée lauder lotion ! it's such a great scent no?

  5. Those are the best lobster rolls *ever*!

    Great outlet finds! I would love to see a pic of the capris, they sound like something I just may need! Maybe we can meet up sometime you are headed to the Cape!

  6. Those lobster rolls are the best! Last time Husband and I were there, he was having a fit when noticing how many people threw theirs away! So many did not even eat half! They have also opened another location in the dock in Hyannis where they sell a smaller roll as well as the larger.

  7. Love your daughter's outlet cute!

  8. I make lobster rolls whenever my fav fish store has little bags of fresh steamed lobster and the budget allows. Although I grew up on traditional ones (with mayo), I've switched to the no mayo camp.
    Any no-mayo roll places I should try that you know?


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