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If the sun ever decides to come out again here in Massachusetts, I will get back to flower arranging. I picked up this basket at The Christmas Tree Shop for a few dollars, put a small vase inside, and every few days or so I pick flowers from my yard and make a little arrangement. Hosta leaves are beautiful in an arrangement, and fill in space nicely. In fact, they look incredible alone in a vase as a simple arrangement on a table or mantle. Of course, hydrangea always look incredible. I also include branches with leave in a variety of green tones, such as lilac; and I cut grasses to add dimension. they are very simple, and as you can see, sitting in a basket perched on top of an old milk box, they add charm to an entryway. So start practicing! I will post some new photos as soon as the weather cooperates!


  1. Great idea! I'm not sure I have any flowers left in my yard after all the rain we've had here in Connecticut!

    Enjoy your weekend~

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! Your arrangements are beautiful!

  3. Love the Nantucket style baskets! And have a post about them here: Basket Decor Nantucket Island Style.

    I think they look awesome with flowers. I have one in my powder room

  4. How pretty. I never thought to use a "nantucket" basket outside. I do have one handmade from Nantucket that is displayed in my livingroom and I'm trying to decide what type of a silk arrangement to do ....but maybe I will put a small vase inside with fresh flowers! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  5. Simple & elegant, just beautiful! I love the rich hue of the flowers too. The basket reminds me of the Nantucket basket, I just might have to pick up a couple from the Christmas Tree Shop! You can never have too many good baskets! Thanks for the inspiration :o)


  6. Such a clever idea, to put the vase inside the basket! Love your arrangements - they are simple, beautiful, simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  7. Such pretty arrangements! I love Hostas too-- especially how well they can be divided and all the interesting new varieties. I can't wait for our Hydrangeas this year!

  8. LOVE it! Nothing reminds me of Nantucket more than hydrangeas. Now if I could just get someone to paint that very picture you posted, I'd hang it over my bed. :)

  9. i love hydrangea( we call Hortensia in FRANCE) i have some in the garden of my seaside house!
    have a nice full up week


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