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My Favorite Toy... (Come on now, minds out of the gutter!)

I bought a great little gadget for myself last spring and I enjoyed it right through the summer. It is the Brill Razorcut 38 inch reel mower. I LOVE it. We have a pretty large piece of property, several acres...which gets mowed by DH on a riding mower. Near the house, we have a front and side yard that need "tidying up" more often than the entire property needs to get mowed. So that's where I come in. I am able to get out early because the mower is quiet. (I can also hear my kids screaming for me...or fighting with one another.) I get a little exercise, I feel good about the way the yard looks, and I am supporting eco-friendly practices! The mower is extremely light weight, and has blades that claim to never need resharpening. It IS NOT meant for tall, tough to cut grass. I also have to go over my dandelions several times (at least the extra large ones!) I give it two thumbs up, five stars, the green light, etc...

I ordered it from:
and I was very happy with the service. It needs basic assembly, which I did quickly (yes,by myself), and easily.


  1. I like it when the mowers come with someone to do the mowing. :)

    It is awfully cute, though.

  2. Hooray for eco-friendly practices! I'm sure your neighbors are very grateful that it's a quiet piece of machinery too. I've been woken up by the roar of leaf blowers and weed whackers before, and I'm never happy about it.


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