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I Should Have Thrown Those Catalogs Away...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my playroom post. You had some helpful comments/advice. Seeing as my dining room has already been converted to a playroom, I'm really trying to clean up the clutter, make thing more inviting. I made the mistake of opening the Ballard Designs catalog this weekend. I now know exactly what I want to do! Unfortunately, I need to hit the lottery or... hit the lottery before I can have this look. I've also checked out the Pottery Barn Teen site for some casual seating. We actually decorated our sun porch with this seating and we love it...for a fraction of the Pottery Barn (adults?) catalog. Here goes:

Pottery Barn Teen's sectional is comfy and the color would work.

Ballard's storage bench...thanks for the great idea my loyal bloggers! I would need two.

Ballard's bench sectional is so cute...I would put 2 side by side.

This coral chandelier would top it all off.

So...what's your take on these pieces? Have you seen any of the Ballard pieces knocked off anywhere?


  1. I love all the colors and the bench would go a long way as it is beautiful and storage at the same time! Nice choices! I also received this catalog this weekend and admired the bench.

  2. Love these and wish I had a good knock-off source. Can't wait to see where you end up!!


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