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An Amazing School Garden

I have to dote on my husband a bit here. This is a photo of the garden he has created in the courtyard at the elementary school where he teaches. It has been an absolute labor of love. He built the beds, carted endless wheelbarrows of mulch, and spread it, and then the fun began. The kids were able to plant and tend, and pick, and eat the fruits of their labor.

The kids have planted seeds to start the cycle all over again. What a wonderfully interactive classroom!


  1. That's beautiful! It puts the garden at my own elementary school (quite a few years ago) to shame!

  2. The garden looks amazing! I would have wanted to spend the entire day there when I was in elementary school.

    p.s. hope you can attend the next Boston JCA event!

  3. Thanks...I'll pass on your kind comments to my husband.

  4. WOW!!! The garden is just absolutely gorgeous AND amazing! The school is VERY lucky to have your husband! :)

  5. whoa! if only i have a schoolyard like this in the school where i work!!! it's amazing !
    I just had some sad grey schoolyard without only one tree!


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