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July in the Garden

Well, July has been a beautiful month!

Crepis Flower

The flowers have started blooming and promise to bless me with an abundance of beauty.

Rubenza Cosmos

I am experimenting with many new varieties and have not found one I dislike!

Every week has brought a new look to the garden. At first it was lush and green, then color burst on the scene . Even the squash and pumpkin flowers light up the landscape  with their beauty.

green-eyed susan

My morning check-in really fills my soul with such a sense of peace. I am daily in awe of what we can produce with a bit of ambition, hope and desire.

The garden is something I never take for granted. It is beauty at its finest, but the beauty must be guided and coddled. In return we are given shadow and light, texture, color and scent.


Being in the garden allows me time to dream, to carve my purpose, to plan.

Did you know I have at least 5 novels started? While I am in the garden I am thinking of my storyline and characters...and of course another...


I hope to carve out more writing time. I have always known that growing beautiful flowers, and writing are my two purposes on Earth. 


I used to think I was supposed to find a way to combine the two. Recently I have been thinking that I am meant to let each take on its own unique entity. 

That thrills me!

I hope you will all be around someday when I need first draft readers.


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been up to.

(and Stormy)


Leave me a note in the comments.

I would love to know what your July has been filled with. 


Goodbye spring....

Spring came on late after a snowy April...

and brought with it a glorious palette of sherbet-toned blooms.

Ranunculus proved to be a glorious reprieve from a long-anticipated spring.

I will pull the corms soon and save them for next year's field planting.
What was a trial has morphed into a new spring flower LOVE.

You pick these blooms when starting to show color, and they unfurl layer
 after layer of velvety pigment.

The wild growing Grandiflora roses made a perfect accompaniment.

These blossoms restored my spirit after a very long winter. 

Now we are on to summer...and anxiously await an abundance of blooms. 
This weekend's heat wave has ushered us quickly into summer.
Bring it on!
xo Monica


It's That Time

I'm still here, don't worry!

I've been reveling in all that is spring... 

 ...the rebirth of color and light and shadows.

I have been tending my spring babies...some exciting flower experiments that are proving to be wonderfully successful. 

I am enamored by all that has laid tucked beneath the frozen earth. IT is awake, I am awake! 

I hope you are all well! Please leave me a comment telling me how you have been enjoying spring. 
I will be back soon with a weekly garden update!!

xo Monica


Through the Lens

I have discovered an artist who fascinates me. 
They are ocean and sky...solitude and emotion. 
They are the past blending so seamlessly into the present.
Their work makes me wonder and contemplate.
It allows me to feel and hope.
And most of all, to dream.

The artist is my son, Noah.
I hope you will follow him on Instagram as @nft16
He is carving out his way with an artistic soul.


Sunday Morning Plans

 Sunday Mornings are so satisfying. Coffee. Sunshine. Garden Plans.

Not that this is the first day I have stepped outside to check on things...or the first moment I have thought about that place that captures and holds my heart...

My house is currently overrun with seedlings. Tiny soil blocks holding  a precious and hopeful new plan. I am growing "Cool Flowers" this year!

I was inspired by Lisa Mason Ziegler's book by the same name, "Cool Flowers".

 I have always wanted to close the gap between tulips and daffodils and the first flowering annuals. Sometimes this is literally months. After researching, and reading Lisa's book, I am so inspired to plant seeds for flowers that are meant to grow in cool weather!

 I will be planting them out some time in the next four weeks, and will hopefully start to have flowers around the time I am usually direct sowing seed in the garden. This is so exciting to me!

I have always wondered why I haven't been able to successfully grow annuals like Strawflower, Bells of Ireland, Stock, and Feverfew to name a few. Now I know that it was just too warm here in coastal Massachusetts by the time I was sowing their seeds.

 I will keep you posted on this new venture. Today may involve planting anemone and ranunculus, and doing a bit of clean up.  
Here is a link to Lisa's book. (It's not an affiliate link, I just loved it and have been reading/rereading.)


One Little Word: {purposeFUL}

Each year, during the lost week between Christmas and the New Year, I await the arrival of my "one little word".

Some view it as their theme for the year. I choose to harness its power as  more of a spiritual guide.

 It's a word that will hover close for the coming year...something to turn to, to find resolve with...

In 2017, my word was PURPOSE.

I was at a standstill of sorts. Searching for more? answers? guidance?

And 2017 led me along a path of light and answers.

I feel my path is aglow and now I must follow the light.

I do not have all of the answers. But I understand that the journey is part of my destiny.

I had a bracelet made late this year with the words PURPOSE and GRACE. Those two words have allowed me to chase dreams in a manner that feels real and true.

As I awaited my word this week, my mind was a jumble of synonyms and antonyms...of what I thought it should be, hoped it would be.

And then two words arrived: PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL.

I knew at once that PURPOSEFUL was going to be my guide.

It is an undeniable extension of all I have felt and dreamed and worked towards in 2017.

Instead of viewing 2018 as a quest for answers, I will now leap into the new year with  INTENT!

I am hoping to live more LIVE in the moment...

to rejoice in the every day, and to allow life to have meaning and significance.

Sometimes I think we get so busy with work...we come home tired..

...and we (I) may get lazy about living purposefully.

On cold/dark winter nights I feel the couch calling after dinner/laundry/tidying.

Perhaps I should be writing or editing photos instead. Both are things I enjoy immensely, and would help me during my growing season, when time is spent tending/coddling/harvesting.

Or an impromptu week night (gasp) dinner with friends would be laughter and companionship surely feed the soul.

Perhaps PURPOSEFUL living  is about carving out time when there seems to be none available...

...more time by the ocean...more sunrises and sunsets...

...more time to absorb all the color and texture and brilliance that nature offers...

...time to truly listen to those closest to us, and attempt to understand, even if we don't think/feel the same way.

It will be a year of worrying less and loving more.  

 Perhaps 2018 will be a year of determined metamorphosis.

Happy New Year!
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