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Happy New Year!

It's been a month of celebration, snow (early for us), family, friends, and relaxation. Hoping your holidays were lovely and you enjoy much love and happiness in the new year! Almost time to start seeds!!

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 Well, the frost finally arrived and blanketed the last of the flowers in a robe of sparkly jewels.

This is always  a challenging time for me. 
I have the hardest time giving up what has become a piece of my heart.

Yet at the same moment, I know it is time. Time to let nature cycle forward. To let nature breathe life and energy into this earth that has filled me and so many others with total and complete JOY!

I visited the gardens the night before the frost came...enjoying a peaceful time tucked in near the edge of the woods. The birds were still boisterously singing...obviously in denial right alongside me. 

 I picked a large, clumsy bouquet. It was probably my favorite of the season. My peachy coral dahlia had flowered for the first time that day. How lucky I was to enjoy this last minute, early-November,  armful of beauty.  

I am already plotting and planning for the gardens of 2020!   I hope they remember me in their caretaker, protector, friend and dreamer. 

Cheers to Mother Nature as she ushers in change and hope.



 Those of you who have been around here a while have followed along as our 15 year old has tried to cope with cyclic vomiting syndrome since the age of 3. Any help you could give to our fundraiser would be wonderful and appreciated! This organization has helped us to find ways to spread the episodes further apart.

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An October Garden

 I am amazed with what nature offers to me even late in the growing season.

Just when I think I have seen the most perfect blossom or plumpest fruit...

...I am handed an armful of petals shaped as if from an artist's brush...

...round and neat...jagged and contemporary...

...filled with vibrance or brushed with a muted palette.

The late season garden also has a fascinating glow at dusk...

...although the sunlight has already faded beyond the edge of the woods,

....the blossoms seem to hang on to the daylight, filling a late day sky

with an autumn reverie.


Change is GOOD!!

So 20 years after moving into our house...I decided it was time to replace the original furniture we had purchased. My budget was on the low end; however, I didn't want it to look "low end". We wouldn't be painting, or replacing the wallpaper...

...but I knew I wanted it to have a fresh, peaceful feeling. The room (we call it the "fireplace room"), is on the small side, with low ceilings typical of the 1830 time period of our home. So my intention was to make it feel roomy, but allow for plenty of seating for my kids and their friends, or for family get togethers.  We already have a large family room/kitchen where we hang out all of the tv, socialize, so this space was meant to be an extra space for socializing, curling up with a book, homework, naps, etc...

This room gets plenty of southern exposure and also overlooks our sun porch. 

We purchased the Ektorp sectional from Ikea in Lofallet Beige. We already have the same sectional, in a similar fabric, in our kitchen/family room space. It has worn well, is comfortable, and I can wash and dry the covers very easily.  Initially the cushions seem stiff, but before you know it they break in beautifully, while maintaining their shape. At $799 plus  $99 shipping, I knew it was affordable.

The rug is from Rugs USA. It is the Natura Handspun Jute in 8 x 10. I ordered it while they were having a discount code, and I'm sure they will offer one again soon. I chose to add the rug pad as well. For rug and pad it came to $272.10.

The starfish valances came from our local Ann and Hope outlet. I had looked at many beautiful, high end window treatments; however, I couldn't spend $400 on 3 windows. These are a cotton/linen and are fully lined and I spent about $60 total! They are gorgeous! (They were called Sea Friends in Grey. I do not seem to see on the site, but perhaps at your local store).

The floor lamp was from TJ Maxx online and was $79.99.  
It appears to be sold out online, but perhaps look for it at your local Homegoods store?

The plush ivory, and larger textured throw pillows are all from Target.

  Many of the items were things we have had for a lifetime, and consider treasures:

The shells were collected over a lifetime of beach adventures with our kids. ( and the drop-leaf table they are sitting on was my husband's Nana's) The stacked books are all by local artists and authors.

The antique clock was my husband's Nana's ( and has a cool secret compartment).

The stones (in the glass bowl) were gathered on different beach trips and cross-country adventures. My daughter Callie hand-lettered each one. It's like a bowl full of inspiration!

The Kennedy book next to the bowl of stones was picked up at our town library's monthly book sale. (and the vintage chest they sit on was left here by the previous owners).

The massive gold-trimmed mirror was my husband's great-aunt's. Now we  have a walkway behind the couch that leads right up to it! This is the mirror we all "check ourselves" in before leaving for school/work. I love that we now have a full length view!

The piece of framed art above the fireplace is by McCoy and is of Padanaram Harbor in the town where we grew up. The vintage cream vases were purchased on our local facebook yardsale...the feathers were gathered in our yard..shed naturally by wild turkeys. The large cone was brought back from a trip to Sequoia National Park 24 years ago!

I hope you have enjoyed my mini tour!! I have tried to link everything to be helpful. This post is not sponsored in any way...just sharing some favorite things!! Please feel free to pin or share my post!


Hello again.

It's been a while.

I haven't meant to be gone so long.

But life sometimes gets in the way of the things you covet...

...and for me that is writing and photography...

and of course growing flowers.

My heart is full with all that spring and summer have gifted me...

a slower early sunrise... windows and shades up early.

I'm still here. Cleaning out the closets and under the beds...spending time with big kids when I am gifted the chance, and trying so hard to create a simpler home that allows more time for what we all crave.

I have missed you all! What have you been up to??


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