Typically we harvest large quantities of lavender , dry it flat and strip the crispy stems into bowls, then store in covered pails.  Usually I have enough dried lavender to fill sachets as gifts for a whole year. 

A friend's daughter asked if we could supply her with some dried lavender for wedding centerpieces. So this year we have bundles tied and hanging from the hearth. They are drying perfectly.

And even though this year proved to be a terrible year for the quantity of lavender, (due to the harsh winter), it has been a year of gorgeous quality lavender.

I have picked enough to keep a bit, and then we left a bit for the bees. After all, when you see bees, the last thing you want to do is take away their food supply! We need to keep Earth's pollinator's healthy and multiplying!

And with the perennial/ vegetable garden just beyond the lavender patch, I know that those bees will also be worker bees in our garden, helping to supply our family with a plentiful bounty.

I DO need your help!  We are going to replant as many lavender plants as we can afford to this year.
I need to know your favorites! Your highest producers, your best lavender for scent and drying and color. But I also need to know about hardy lavender. Ours has been exceptional. Fifteen years of tremendous production. We are in zone 6B, bordering on Cape Cod. So we are coastal, and yes, we get all of those coastal storms!

Eventually we would love to have 50 thriving lavender plants. I think we will return to Cape Cod Lavender Farm, as our very old grand dames were purchased there.

Please share your thoughts and favorites!
Enjoy the week….I'm off to the garden!

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