I bought this amaryllis after Christmas.

It was sitting on the shelf at Target and it was literally growing out of the cover of the box.

There were LOTS of them, but at 5.99 a pop on sale (in a nice pot), I opted for ONE.

I kept my fingers crossed, especially because the bud sack was formed, and squished.

It grew 5 inches tall and put out 2 amazing flowers.

And then, a second stalk shot up.

2 feet up.

We guessed 2 flowers again….

We were wrong…and boy are we glad!

It had 4 vibrant red buds….

…which became 4 AMAZING flowers….

The last 2 are still opening….so much fun to watch...

nature at its finest….I mean check out those stamens!!!!

Now that's JOY :)

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