I was Born to Rescue Prettiness…. and a Winner!

I have been photographing LOTS of vintage pieces for my shop, Prince Snow Farm.

I have been collecting these pieces for MANY years….

….and I am a bit addicted to the colors...

…the patterns….

….but especially to the story they tell.

I guess when we "upcycle", we not only get something useful, but we get a little slice of history.

Who was scooping sugar from this limoges sugar bowl?

Who was serving tea in these delicate cups?

I love thinking about where they have been, who has held them, who has laid them out for their family.

I love imagining a bride in the 30's or 40's or 50's picking a pattern….or inheriting it
 from her mom or grandma.

I adore every little detail, a delicate flower blossom, a neatly filled border….

I am drawn to these vintage pieces mostly because of their patterns….mostly florals, tugging at this gardener's heart!

If I had a gigantic china closet, or a roomy pantry, I am sure I would be tucking these all away.
I dream about how people could use these pieces….at a rustic country wedding….for a barn party…an anniversary gift….a mix and match tablescape….

But alas, I must pass them along to others to love and tend…..much like the blossoms I take from my garden each summer.

I will be listing more as the week goes on (vacation week wahooooo)….

But if you see something here that calls to you, something you just have to have….

….just leave me a comment and I can send you a paypal invoice if it is not already listed in my shop.

And because you are such dears, enjoy 15% off in my Etsy shop.
Enter code blogfriends at checkout.

Have a wonderful weekend.

We are in the midst of another blizzard!


And congrats to Anonymous Janet! You have won my giveaway!
I have sent you an email!

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