What Time Is It?

Many years ago, before kids, or even marriage, my husband and I used to 
spend hours antiquing on the weekends.

Many times we would go with my in-laws, as they were 
always up for a mystery ride.

We traveled through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

We didn't have a big budget. 
We weren't looking for anything fancy.
We were looking for 
vintage travel clocks.

We found several from the turn of the century.
We found clocks from every era.

We found square clocks, round clocks, musical clocks.

We found clocks from all over the world.

We found clocks with little "garage doors"...
(p.s. that's my grandma in the center, my grandpa to the far left....they were christening a ship)

We found A LOT of clocks.
We bought A LOT of clocks.

We have hundreds of clocks.

Each one is unique. Each one has a story.

I often wonder about the former owners.
Did they take their clock on a voyage on the Queen Elizabeth?
Did it sit on their bedside table...jingling them awake for their early shift at work?
Were they happy?
Was it a birthday present? A wedding gift?

Do you have any collections? If you do, what started you collecting?

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