At One With Nature

Normally I would not post on the same topic so soon...however, 
after my last "bird" related post, 
I discovered that many
of my readers share my love for these
fine feathered friends.

Source: indulgy.com via Prince on Pinterest

....and what better way to show our love than with a little
assistance....especially in cold, snowy regions.

Bird feeders can be a bit unattractive...and expensive......so why not make a creative, rustic, 
nature-based feeder....a perfect "family" project!
Source: hellobee.com via Prince on Pinterest

(These could also double as Valentine Gifts!)

I love the idea of using fruit as the feeder!

A little love in the meadow?

A bit of communal feeding...

Great way to use up leftover popcorn!

Source: seasons.nl via Prince on Pinterest

A bag of apples....

Another great Valentine...or Easter Gift or Favor

Source: google.com via Prince on Pinterest

Include your family...make memories...

Please don't forget to taper off your feeding as spring approaches. 
You don't want your birds relying on you when they should be relying on nature ;)

Thanks for all of your kind words as I recoup.
I am reading and resting....
I am lucky to have such thoughtful readers.
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