An Irish Rooster Mystery

As I was writing that title I felt a little bit like I was about to pen a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novel....not quite....but I do have a mystery!

I went to a jewelry / accessory sale at our local library this past weekend.  I scored a vintage early 1900's Morabito couture evening purse for 5 bucks, and a black Francesco Biasia Messenger style bag for 5 as well.  My daughter was poking around, trying to spend every last dime in her change purse, when I spotted this little "gem".

The shamrocks peaked my Irish interest...but with a rooster?

I turned it over and saw "Made in England"

Obviously a little costume piece.....not so old...but so intriguing....

I have researched this piece....and researched this piece....turning up NOTHING!

Any experts out there?  Any guesses?

Other than this was worn by a cocky Irishman (person) :)

Help me solve my $2 mystery!

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It's Shopbop Giveaway Time!

Hi all! What a perfect time for the folks at Shopbop to offer a $100 giftcard to one of my lucky readers (yes....even all of my international readers)! I don't know about you, but I could really use a few new pieces to supplement my fall wardrobe!  These are a few of the things I fell in love with:
Penelope Chivers Booties

Great colors (love the sapphire crushed velvet), comfort, and retro style all wrapped in one!

Dsquared2 Jeans

Jeans that can go from office to play.....
Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals

Great for a night on the town!!

Here's the deal...you have until September 6th at 6 p.m. eastern to enter.

How to enter?

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1 entry

1 entry

1 entry

Please leave me only one reply!  Tell me your favorite item from Shopbop's collection, and tell me how many entries you have earned and how you earned them. Also, please leave me your email so that I may contact you if you win!

Good Luck!
Happy Browsing :)

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Shadows of Late Summer

I knew the summer was starting to fade when I went to take my usual morning walk to the garden, the shadows hung long and ghoulish down the hill and into the woods. It was a day I knew was coming...but hadn't been prepared for.

So hard to think about tearing out what has been such a big part of summer.

So hard to think about saying good-bye...or perhaps farewell to the bees and hummingbirds...or the catbird who perches on the fence and cries like a baby....

So hard to think that the lush green lawn, the same one that was brown and crunchy during July's drought, will fade to yellow yet again....

....so hard to see the blossom laden hydrangea start to blush pink around the edges...a hushed whisper of the seasonal change....

I photograph the zinnias and butterflies with a newfound eagerness...

...wanting to capture the vibrance of their colors, their movement, their mystery...

..I play artist, designer, mother, naturalist....

.... with a  furvent need...almost a desperation...

...wishing I could somehow change Mother Nature's plan....

....yet knowing the inevitable is perched on a branch higher than the woods....

I will embrace the changes as best I know how...the same way I have for (almost ) 47 years. Sorrow building up in my heart for what we are losing...but joy unfolding as nature delivers the next adventure.


Rustic Handcrafted Artwork

I've recently been searching for some different artwork, and I came across Pamela Joyce Designs in Catula, Georgia.  The shop's owner, Pamela Smith handcrafts from the heart. Her personalized artwork reflects a desire for handcrafted goods that relay sentimental or heartfelt, meaningful messages.

Perfect for a beach house.

Great anniversary gift.

This piece is massive and would make a statement on a kitchen, bedroom or dining room wall.

Perfect in a shabby chic bedroom

Check out Pamela's blog as well. She is a true artist, crafting pieces that we will keep for a lifetime.


Photo Book of Our Garden

We made a photo book of our garden today...thinking it would be nice to be able to look back, compare from year to year, etc.... Plus they are having a sale (up to 40% off til August 22, 2012)) on photo books. I also had a code for an extra $10 off (extra10)....and free shipping over $30 (ship30)...bringing the 75.00 12 x 12 book down to 30 someodd dollars shipped. Well worth it.

I installed the iphoto loader that they offer, and it made my job 10x faster than it has been in the past. (for all of you Apple users :)Very helpful.

If you are like me, then allow plenty of time to sit down , be picky, and make sure you edit! (I started criticizing my tense choices...the teacher in me).

Create a gorgeous, high quality wedding photo album at Shutterfly.com.

Disclosure: If I email a link to this post to Shutterfly, they will give me $10 towards a future purchase! I didn't find this out until checkout when it asked if I wanted to share. So if you blog and make a book, you will (I'm assuming) get the same offer :)


Dreams of Fall Fashion....and Stay at Home Moms

What trends are you watching this fall? As a teacher, I am lucky to be able to dress casually...not quite as casually as these awesome pieces, but they will definitely inspire my wardrobe when the calendar turns  (yikes).  OR (that's a great big OR)....when and if someone wants to support me as a stay at home wife/mom for a year so I can make an awesome home....run a lunch to school, actually be here when my kids leave in the morning, and grow my Etsy shop higher than Jack's beanstalk....

So when you run into Ellen, Oprah, Marth, Nate, or the editors of any very large (or small) magazines.....Plllease tell them you know this  great girl...and give them my email......  ;)

Source: google.ca via Prince on Pinterest

Great hair..love the color, and easy style....

Source: etsy.com via Prince on Pinterest

A cozy sweater....

Source: ae.com via Prince on Pinterest

A hip jacket in  a hip color....

Source: jcrew.com via Prince on Pinterest

Comfy jeans....

Source: r.ebay.com via Prince on Pinterest

A great vintage bag...

Fabulous boots....

....or  more fabulous boots...

...or still more fabulous boots :)


From Mystery to Big Max

Hmmmm...we thought...mystery plant..looks like a crookneck squash...but the stem looks odd....

Something took a little chunk from it...our enemy the groundhog perhaps....

Wow, this is definitely not a summer squash...maybe a hubbard?.....

After much research....we were WAY off base....it's a pumpkin.....

 ....but not just ANY pumpkin...a Big Max Pumpkin....you know those gigantic use a crane to hoist it into the nearest farm vehicle and drive to a fair where Wilbur and Charlotte might be hanging out kind of pumpkin....

We are VERY excited. 

The kids think this is very cool. Me too. :)

It grew 3 inches in the last 2 days.

We'll keep you posted on Max's growth. 
He promises to be one GIGANTIC dude.


Dreams of a Childhood Garden

When I was a child I had a flower garden...a nice rectangular patch behind the garage where my father's black VW Bug had been parked.  I grew marigolds around the edge, and planted sticky blossomed day-glo petunias. The velvety magenta coleus was knee high.

I plucked the worn yellow blossoms from the marigolds, and gently pulled each weed.

I watered with a tin Holly Hobbie watering can....lovingly tending my surrogate baby dolls....

I'd like to say I nourished my garden; however, truthfully, I think it nourished me.

From the mid 1970's until now, I have always found a space for a garden. In planters, in small patches behind my first rental, on the windowsill of my classroom....

I am blessed to have a large, productive garden, and a family to share it with.

I still find peace and tranquility in the garden. It shows me hope....restores my spirit......

....brings me back to the patch behind the garage.

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