Celebrate with Donna Hay

We picked up Donna Hay's 10th Anniversary issue this week. It's a sentimental thing for us, as we have been purchasing this wonderful (Australian based) culinary magazine since our children were just wee ones!

Our collection has a special spot in our kitchen....ready for action....

Issue 11: Little Pea Tartlets
Issue 17: Macarons

Issue 21: Bocconcini and Tomato Melts

I have highlighted a few favorites....too many to mention them all....

And on a gluten free note: The Macarons are fabulous....they use almond meal!


Cake Decorating 101

So while my son seems to be a budding photographer, my 8 year old daughter has been busy designing cakes with her ITouch. I think she's on to something. I may try my hand at this. I can't tell you how many times I've had the perfect cake or cookie design in my head....what better way to save it as a future reference!

Apps: CakeDoodle and CookieDoodle


A January Glow

I don't know about you, but I am all about "light". Natural light. The light that floods a room when shades are raised, and slips away when shades are drawn.

Due to my early morning schedule, our shades (most of them) stay drawn until I return home at 3:00 pm

On weekends the first thing I do when I get up is raise the shades. Light changes the feeling of the house, brings in life.

This week we had a foot of snow...then the fog came and took it all away! It was in the 50's today!

When I came home, the light was very pretty:

The Paper Whites Were Blooming...

The Doorknobs Were Sparkling...
My Dad's Shells from Guam Were Singing Ocean Songs in the Afternoon Glow....


He's At it Again!

I'm rather enjoying the fact that my 13 year old has been out in the snow again today taking photos...mom is off the hook! i must admit that I adore the back of our "garage". The front is shingled to "match" our gray shingled antique cape....the back is in all its glory....our home was built in 1830.

here is a sneak peek of what I am crafting with my coveted felt hearts....attached to burlap bags with twine...so very sweet.


Birds in the Snow...

My 13 year old took some lovely bird photos in the snow today. We received about 11 inches of snow yesterday.

"What do you mean this isn't MY big purple bunny?"


Desperately Searching For a Heart

I am in search of these hearts. They are from Target's Christmas decoration section. They are sold out (unless your Target still has a few left).

I would love any color...and they came in green, blue, purple, red.....

I am crafting with them and need as many as I can get my hot little hands on.

If you bought some after Christmas, I will gladly pay you for what you have. And if you find some left over at Target for $1 or less for a 3pk, please pick up and I can paypal you or send a check.

I know how crafty all you bloggers are...so I'm HOPING someone has some extras.





Winter Wishes

Sometimes January (and February...and much of March) here in New England can be long and monotonous. The sun sets early, and rises late....leaving little time to look out the window and dream of spring and summer....

I like to think of these months as a time for "Winter Wishes". Winter Wishes are the things you dream of, hope for, long for....maybe they will come to fruition...perhaps not....but you still dream them....

Here are a few of my Winter Wishes:

1. Decorating the Bedroom with Fabulous Bedding
(which I happen to have and have not yet used)

(photo Pottery Barn)

2. A Fabulous New Bathroom
I still wish Nate Berkus would come knocking on my door...ours is extremely sad....gold and avocado, with a little paneling thrown in, need I say more....

This one is stunning:

3. Images of Comforting Cottages with Fabulous Gardens:


4. A More Attractive and Organized Coat Area on our Sunporch:


5. A Great Manicure and Pedicure:

That will do for now...and you?


Gorgeous Galvanized Pieces for the Garden

Shop: ShabbyRoad Shop Owner: Ember Site: Etsy.com

galvanized Click Here

Click the above link to see the "treasury" I created at Etsy of galvanized pails, buckets, watering cans, etc...

I haven't joined Pinterest yet because of the need to link with Facebook, so this is my way of "Pinning".

Click the Link and Leave me a Comment!


Our Daily Routine

Thought it might be neat to read about one another's daily routine...we know our likes....and yes, even our dislikes....our dreams....and our hobbies....but what about the everyday ordinary life we live from day to day?

Thought I'd start it off, and you can link up if you'd like!

Typical Weekday:

5:20 alarm goes off(although I'm usually already awake)

5:25 Get your sorry *** out of bed.

5:30 Turn on the little heater in the bathroom and hop in shower.

5:40 Dry hair/get dressed/make-up, etc....

5:50 Greet the puppy...get attacked in her "I've missed you" frenzy. Feed her.

5:55 Pop my son's waffles in the toaster and pour his milk.

6:00 Wake my son.

6:05 Pack lunches/Get Lunch Money Ready/Water Bottles/Backpacks, etc...

6:15 Wake my daughter.

6:20 Finish getting ready. Pack something to eat at school for breakfast and lunch.

6:30 Wake my husband and kiss all good bye.

6:50 Arrive in my classroom.

6:50-7:30 Prepare for my job as a 6th grade Math and Science Teacher

7:30-2:23 SCHOOL

2:23 Book it out of school to make it to my daughter's pick up at 2:45.

3:00 Arrive Home

3:00-4:30 Clean up the breakfast :( Throw laundry in, do dishes, general clean up, etc...

4:30 Start something for dinner. Still cleaning as I go.

5:00-5:30 Eat at some point in this time frame.

5:30-7:30 Help with homework, do a little schoolwork, pay a few bills, laundry....you get the picture.

7:30 Jeopardy! Wouldn't miss it. Still doing dishes, etc....as I watch....

8:00pm Read to my daughter, then watch a bit of TV

9:30 Good-Night

Now help me figure out where to insert time for working out, doing work for my Etsy shop....

On another note, aren't these the cutest topsiders you have ever seen?


The Wonders of the Canning jar

I must admit I have a strange fascination with canning jars...and apparently so do quite a few others.

Apple Pies


Adorable Cakes


Sewing Kits

marthastewart.com sewing kit

Fashionable Lighting


Even Sweaters!
homegrownhospitality.typepad.com sweater

They Make Great Vases for Zinnias
From My Garden :)

A Lavender Sachet in a Jar
From my Etsy shop.

Do you have any more ideas?


Wedding, Birthday, and First Communion Favors

Every now and again I must do some shameless self-promotion. Take a peek at several new favor bags from my Etsy Shop (follow the link in side bar). Hope you like them!


How to Get Through the Doldrums of January...Some of My Favorite Products

I have a few things that help me get through the winter...

1.) A Great Foot Cream:


2.) Adorable Socks:

3.) Bronzer for Extra Chalky Winter Skin

4.) A Cardigan That Looks Fab:

Go to "shops" and put in the name Ovejanegra. She calls this the Riona Sweater. It is hand-made. $155
5.) Garden Catalogs...Dreaming of Summer...

6.) Tassimo Suchard Hot Chocolate Syrup:

7.) Cheap Entertainment...Celebrity Wife Swap

What are some of your favorite ways to "tolerate" the winter?

(This post is purely the author's opinion...no compensation has been made by any merchants)
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