I am SO excited!

I am SO excited!

to Feature Adult Patient with CVS

The episode will be about an older gentleman
who repeatedly comes into the ER with the same episode
and symptoms. Through a pediatric doctor’s experience,
the episodes get properly identified as CVS. His quality of life has been severely impacted by his CVS and Migraines and hopefully his life going forward can get better now that
he has an action plan.
November 15, 2012
on the “ABC” network
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Chandra Wilson “Dr. Bailey”
International Spokesperson for CVSA
will direct the episode of "Grey's Anatomy" about CVS

Chandra will appear on the show called “The Talk” (CBS Network) on November 15th to promote the evening episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”
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Those of you familiar with my blog know that our 8 year old has suffered from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome since she was a baby.  Chandra Wilson has a daughter with CVS, and I am so very glad she is using the show as an informational tool regarding this confusing/misunderstood/misdiagnosed disorder.

(info borrowed from cvsaonline.org)
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