Sandy is climbing up the coast....a very unpredictable storm....a hurricane....a nor'easter...a "Frankenstorm". We still are not sure what to expect here in southern New England. We are prepared. We are on high ground in our little coastal town....in fact, we may be the highest in town.

Stay safe all.


Stranded at the drive-in
Branded a fool
What will they say Monday at school?

Sandy can't you see I'm in misery
We made a start now were apart
There's nothing left for me
Love has flown all alone
I sit and wonder why-yi-yi-yi
Why, you left me oh Sandy

Oh Sandy baby someday when high-yi school is done
Somehow, someway, our two worlds will be one
In heaven, forever and ever we will be
Oh please say you'll stay oh Sandy

Sandy my darling you hurt me real bad
You know it's true but baby you gotta believe me
When I say I'm helpless without you
Love has flown all alone
I sit, I wonder why-yi-yi-yi
Why, you left me oh Sandy

Sandy, Sandy, why-yi-yi-yi-yi
Oh Sandy 

composed by Scott Simon and Louis St. Louis

Still remember going to Grease with my friend Jo Mary Pontes. The theatre was sold out and we had to sit in separate rows! Has always been a favorite!
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