Photo Book of Our Garden

We made a photo book of our garden today...thinking it would be nice to be able to look back, compare from year to year, etc.... Plus they are having a sale (up to 40% off til August 22, 2012)) on photo books. I also had a code for an extra $10 off (extra10)....and free shipping over $30 (ship30)...bringing the 75.00 12 x 12 book down to 30 someodd dollars shipped. Well worth it.

I installed the iphoto loader that they offer, and it made my job 10x faster than it has been in the past. (for all of you Apple users :)Very helpful.

If you are like me, then allow plenty of time to sit down , be picky, and make sure you edit! (I started criticizing my tense choices...the teacher in me).

Create a gorgeous, high quality wedding photo album at Shutterfly.com.

Disclosure: If I email a link to this post to Shutterfly, they will give me $10 towards a future purchase! I didn't find this out until checkout when it asked if I wanted to share. So if you blog and make a book, you will (I'm assuming) get the same offer :)
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