An Irish Rooster Mystery

As I was writing that title I felt a little bit like I was about to pen a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novel....not quite....but I do have a mystery!

I went to a jewelry / accessory sale at our local library this past weekend.  I scored a vintage early 1900's Morabito couture evening purse for 5 bucks, and a black Francesco Biasia Messenger style bag for 5 as well.  My daughter was poking around, trying to spend every last dime in her change purse, when I spotted this little "gem".

The shamrocks peaked my Irish interest...but with a rooster?

I turned it over and saw "Made in England"

Obviously a little costume piece.....not so old...but so intriguing....

I have researched this piece....and researched this piece....turning up NOTHING!

Any experts out there?  Any guesses?

Other than this was worn by a cocky Irishman (person) :)

Help me solve my $2 mystery!

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  1. Ha that is in interesting combination!

  2. Did you know the rooster is the symbol of France? So it's kind of weird that a piece featuring Irish and French symbols was made in England since France and Ireland would historically be England's two biggest adversaries. But I'm probably reading too much into it and it's just that some jewelry designer happened to like shamrocks and roosters :)


    1. I did not know the rooster was the symbol of France! Thanks for trying :)

  3. Not a clue, I'll ask my Irish blog friend to check it out! Nice score on the purses!

  4. Hi from Ireland!!

    Mary asked me to pop over but I'm afraid she's completly overestimated my abilities!!!!!

    The colours of the stones would mirror the colours of our flag (green, white and orange) But the Rooster baffles me!

    Sara Louise - I don't think the English would consider us to be an adversary - we're much to small for that :-))

    Sorry I can't be of more help.


    1. Oh thanks so much for stopping by to try to figure this out! It is intriguing.

    2. When I said 'adversary' I meant historically. France isn't exactly an adversary these days either.


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