An Irish Rooster Mystery

As I was writing that title I felt a little bit like I was about to pen a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novel....not quite....but I do have a mystery!

I went to a jewelry / accessory sale at our local library this past weekend.  I scored a vintage early 1900's Morabito couture evening purse for 5 bucks, and a black Francesco Biasia Messenger style bag for 5 as well.  My daughter was poking around, trying to spend every last dime in her change purse, when I spotted this little "gem".

The shamrocks peaked my Irish interest...but with a rooster?

I turned it over and saw "Made in England"

Obviously a little costume piece.....not so old...but so intriguing....

I have researched this piece....and researched this piece....turning up NOTHING!

Any experts out there?  Any guesses?

Other than this was worn by a cocky Irishman (person) :)

Help me solve my $2 mystery!

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