A Great Gluten-Free (or not) 4th of July Dessert

A re-post from last summer
of an easy, pretty gluten-free (or not)

We were headed to our friend's house for a clam boil...and we wanted to bring a festive dessert. Seeing as C has Celiac Disease, we thought it only fair to make something she could enjoy as well.

It was VERY easy...and the whole thing was devoured.

We were very happy to be able to use fresh raspberries from the garden.

Remember, you can always change the brownie mix or
make brownies from scratch....if making gluten-free
use a gluten free mix or gluten free flour.
We love cup4cup flour mix
as a cup for cup substitute.

Hint:  Definitely heat the apple jelly in a custard cup in the micro for 15 seconds or until smoothish ....makes the glazing much easier....and it is soooo pretty!


  1. Yum!! Had no idea Betty Crocker had gluten free mixes. Going to try this. Thanks. Have a happy 4th :)

  2. That looks totally yummy! Gluten free, hmmm, who knew?!
    Happy July 4th,
    Beth P


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