Hopelessly Addicted to....

....PILLOWS!!!!  You too? Hard not to be.

Check out these new pillows by Pillow Babble. I discovered them on Pinterest through Mya at Completely Coastal.  Babs at Pillow Babble tells me they are now available at www.cottagecoastalstore.com and at www.cottageandbungalow.com
A dream for a word lover and a pillow lover....

These rich colors.....

Too pretty

Yep...want them all....

(This post is opinion based...I have not been compensated in ANY way)

Now go buy fabulous pillows.



  1. Love all the pretty colors they come in! I'm on a spending hiatus but it's fun to window shop!
    Hope you are having a great long weekend my friend!

  2. Yes I am a pillow addict. Thanks for sharing! Just ordered one from Land's End....Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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