When Times Were Much Simpler

Why does it seem that time is so fleeting these days....rushing to work, meetings, meals....never stopping to smell the roses...well, occasionally stopping to smell them, I must admit. It just seems like every minute is filled with "something". We aren't even a family that has kids in a lot of sports or activities, yet there are times when we go, go, go at a ridiculous pace. Even this past weekend, after attending a baby shower, I was thinking even that becomes another "thing" on our list.
 I don't want it to feel that way.

From My Private Collection

We are so very lucky to have the summers off with our kids. We don't work in the summer...and we feel the pursestrings tighten as the summer weeks pass; however, we revel in EVERY moment. We plant vegetables and flowers. We play frisbee and ride bikes. We take rides and see sites. We bake cookies, slice juicy tomatoes, and eat on the deck. We have the gift of time. And what a gift it is. 

From My Private Collection

I wish I could stay at home and carry those same traditions year round. I wish I could create for Etsy each morning after cleaning up the house. I wish I could work on (one of) the many "books" I have started...yet to be finished. I wish I could have the house filled with
 fabulous aromas as my kids and husband stream through the door each afternoon.
 Old-fashioned? Maybe. I hope so.

Not complaining....just sayin'......

(*and as always, I am  willing to accept sponsors who want me to be a "stay at home mom"!)
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