Tip of the Day and My 300th Post!

My husband picked me up 2 Oxalis  or Shamrock plants at the grocery store today. They were marked down to 50 cents each.  I know, he is quite a romantic.  I have not had Oxalis since we moved here 13 or so years ago. Granted, these need a little lovin...but they will be perky in no time with a little TLC. Oxalis are a very graceful houseplant, whose shamrock shaped leaves close up at night. 
They get a pretty white flower.  

I placed these in a vintage chartreuse dish on our kitchen island.

This is what they will look like with some love and affection.

So while you are off squeezing the passion fruit and reading the cover of 
The Enquirer...rescue some pretties...and test out your green thumb.
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