No Need for Photo Touch Up Here!

If you read a few posts back...you saw that we had made paper Valentines and hung them in the windows. Well, as the western sun was coming in the kitchen/family room window, it threw the shadow of a heart right onto our sleeping sweetie. I ran for the camera...knowing this was one I'd never see again. She normally would have hopped up ready to play; however, she was spayed on Thursday and has been laying low.

Her heart really is that big.

And so are our hearts for her. Never could I have dreamed we would be blessed by the sweetest dog ever!

C got in on "the love". Normally I hate dirty nails in pictures(I know I'm strange)...but this was SOOOO touching. And knowing that those nails came from a morning of "excavating" in the woods with big brother during vacation...that makes this picture even more special. (Future post on the amazing things they have been uncovering!)

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