Winter Wishes

Sometimes January (and February...and much of March) here in New England can be long and monotonous. The sun sets early, and rises late....leaving little time to look out the window and dream of spring and summer....

I like to think of these months as a time for "Winter Wishes". Winter Wishes are the things you dream of, hope for, long for....maybe they will come to fruition...perhaps not....but you still dream them....

Here are a few of my Winter Wishes:

1. Decorating the Bedroom with Fabulous Bedding
(which I happen to have and have not yet used)

(photo Pottery Barn)

2. A Fabulous New Bathroom
I still wish Nate Berkus would come knocking on my door...ours is extremely sad....gold and avocado, with a little paneling thrown in, need I say more....

This one is stunning:

3. Images of Comforting Cottages with Fabulous Gardens:


4. A More Attractive and Organized Coat Area on our Sunporch:


5. A Great Manicure and Pedicure:

That will do for now...and you?
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