How to Get Through the Doldrums of January...Some of My Favorite Products

I have a few things that help me get through the winter...

1.) A Great Foot Cream:


2.) Adorable Socks:

3.) Bronzer for Extra Chalky Winter Skin

4.) A Cardigan That Looks Fab:

Go to "shops" and put in the name Ovejanegra. She calls this the Riona Sweater. It is hand-made. $155
5.) Garden Catalogs...Dreaming of Summer...

6.) Tassimo Suchard Hot Chocolate Syrup:

7.) Cheap Entertainment...Celebrity Wife Swap

What are some of your favorite ways to "tolerate" the winter?

(This post is purely the author's opinion...no compensation has been made by any merchants)


  1. You have great taste..it's like mine! LOL! I love all your picks! I love Loccitane hand creme but didn't know they had foot creme/cream! I need some of that! Love the socks...but I would just cover them up as I do the rest of my legs at my age! Ha! Ha! But they are darling! The sweater is gorgeous. Do you have to have a Tassimo coffee maker to use the syrup or is that something you add to coffee or make hot cocoa with? And as for the garden catalogs....that's a no brainer as I am a long time gardener! Don't you love the Baker seed catalog? They're about 3 hours from me and in the same area as Laura Engels (Little House on the Prairie) house and I hope to get there some day. I forget the Baker seed couple's name but his wife used to be on the Mary Jane's Farm chat room once in awhile. Very nice young woman. They're a delightful family.
    Thanks for sharing...I love telling people about products I like too or deals that are out there, good books I've read and recipes I've liked. You go girl! You have a great blog!

  2. well ... cozy cardigans too and my uggs when i get back to home ; i use the same bronzer in laguna too, some spicy hot tee , a good moisturizer ( la crème fraiche de beauté nuxe , which smells sooooo good) , big scarve , big beanie hat, a lots of love under the sheets !

  3. Oh I LOVE that sweater! I clicked the link but couldn't find it - do you remember where it's from?!

  4. Oh cut it out! You are such a girl!!!!!

  5. Sam I Am...Thanks for the compliments! I DO own a Tassimo. In fact, we have had one for many years....before it was "COOL" to have it. Such trendsetters...Whipped Cream is a must!

    Morgane...I agree on the scarves! I wear even in the classroom because my room is FREEZING!

    Amy...I LOVE the sweater too. I have updated the info on the post...hope it helps. I may start saving for one...stunning!

    Bobby...Yes, I am! :)

  6. Oh, most definitely a cozy sweater or cardigan!! Afternoon tea..., not going outside, haha.

    Stay warm!


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