Looking for Cool Gal

Cool Gal has gone private...sent her my email...got an invite...clicked the link...won't let me back in...hmmm

If anyone is in, or if you read this Cool Gal:




My ABC's

I've seen this on a few blogs...join in if you'd like :) Today's my birthday, so I thought I'd take 5 minutes for myself to play a bit:

A- Arden, Elizabeth...my fav cleanser/toner
B- Bananas...I eat one for breakfast every day
C- Christmas, my fav holiday
D - Dunkin Donuts small iced french vanilla with cream and extra sugar...once a week
E- Eggs...I like mine overeasy with buttered toast for dipping
F-France..where my friend Morgane lives :)
G - garbage day is Monday
H-Halloween....my daughter will be a Bumblebee..again...score!
I- Icing...could eat it by the spoonful
J - James...my dad....and my bro
K- my husband
L-Lynn...my middle name
M-I'm a Middle School Teacher
N-Nutella....to die for
O-the start of every good Irish name
P-Pizza...morning, noon, or night...any crust, any sauce, any topping except pineapple...I don't like fruity pizza
Q-Quilter...a talent I wish I had
R- Rob Roy...never had one...but would like to
S-Shore...my fav place to be /live /play
T- Ticks...despise them
U-I hate umbrellas...so I wear a raincoat with a hood
V- Violets...I have had several for over 10 years
W-Watercolor painting...relaxing...muted...
X-Xanadu...a really bad movie I saw when I was a kid
Y- Yesterday... was a good day
Z- Zoo...my fav field trip...until the polar bear exhibit closed :(


Soothing Color Palette...Chic...Yet Sooo Comfy

Found these fabulous images on decorpad.com
I love the soothing color palette...but especially love the comfort. A living space should be relaxing...sink into a sofa...lounge with a coffee on a Saturday morning...curl up with a good book...


Busy Creating...

I've been busy creating some odds and ends for my Etsy shop. The large Seahorse stamped bag is 8 x 10 inches, and is perfect as a reusable gift bag. I have threaded vintage seambinding through the top for a charming touch. It would also be nice filled with goodies for your wedding party, or left full of treats for your out of town guests at your wedding.
The smaller bags are perfect for a girly birthday party...stuff them with candy necklaces and lipsticks!
Visit my Etsy shop...or order directly through me if you have a paypal account :)
Email me at maggie_3@comcast.net

Peace Out.


Our Family Is Growing!

We have a new addition coming this weekend! A pug! Stormy was born during Hurricane Irene by candlelight. Our first dog...wish us luck, and throw lots of advice our way.


Fall Drinks...DD Iced Apple Cider YUM!

I'm not a big "stop and get a coffee" person. Maybe once a week I'll stop in and get a small Iced French Vanilla with Cream and Extra Sugar at Dunkin Donuts. Usually Thursday, as I'm starting to fade. It lasts me all day. STOP laughing!

Now I've found the Dunkin Donuts Iced Apple Cider. Tastes exactly like a McD apple pie. 120 calories in the small...and probably less sugar than I put in my coffee. A nice change of pace this fall.

Try one! (also available hot...but I don't do hot drinks unless I am bitter cold).


Peanut Butter and Chocolate...Nothing Better...especially when it's done by Ben & Jerry's!

When we visited Ben & Jerry's this summer, we stopped in to the "Flavor Graveyard". After all, I had to visit my good friend. The one I have been mourning for years. The one who stole my heart and then left me with a feeling of such emptiness and longing. Yep, the ole Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

It was amazing...and I still keep my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe, it will show up back in the grocery freezer.

Have they stolen one of your favorites as well?

Keep your eyes out!!


Can I Have Your Lids?

If anyone out there is wondering what to do with their pink lids...PLEASE send them to me. Leave me a note with your email, and I'll give you mailing directions. or email me at maggie_3@comcast.net.We are collecting them for our school.

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