Stonewall Kitchen GF Brownies Knocked Our Socks Off!

Ok all of my Gluten Free friends out there...and not..these are AMAZING!

We bought these on a recent visit to North Conway at the Stonewall Kitchen outlet at Settler's Green. You may think a little pricey for ten dollars and some change...but worth every cent.

We made them at 7 this morning to avoid overheating the house on this gorgeous sunny day. Well...less than 1/2 a pan left.

The 2nd photo is a perfect picture of the finished product. They are chewy, ooey, gooey...with this amazing "crust" that holds it all together.

Only my daughter is gluten free..but we are all loving these. I am going to have a hard time buying any other brownie mix. AMAZING!!!!!

Now it's time to mow the lawn so I'll stop eating them.

(photos borrowed from the Stonewall Kitchen website..thanks :)


A Few J.Crew Bargains...

Got these cute numbers...and a pair of jeans...and a grey parachute top...for 49.00 shipped from J.Crew! Don't ya just love a bargain...Best part? They all fit and I like them IRL.

Some Things I Love About Summer

You may call me a bit of a homebody...but I LOVE being home in the summer. I get up before everyone...open the doors and windows to let the 60 some-odd degree morning air fill the house. I water my flowers and tend the veggies with a gentle hand...relishing in each new tomato bud, each sticky petunia blossom, each sighting of "The Hog" by my kids. After teaching all year, the summer has such a relaxing pace. No worries. Just fresh air, family, and time. What's not to love?


The Essex...A Little Rest and Relaxation?

We just booked a couple of nights in August at The Essex in Vermont. We got a REALLY good deal through Gilt. But...now we looked at Trip Advisor and either the reviews are UP or DOWN...not so much middle ground. AAA rates it as a Four Diamond Resort...but after 3 weeks cross country last summer picking campgrounds by the AA book...not so apt to trust that one. I know we will make the best of it and all...s'mores by the campfire...tennis...spa(a girl can hope)...but I can't help being a teensy bit concerned.

Anyone out there been to the Essex?


Just Picked...

We've really just started picking. Can't wait for tomatoes! I've picked a LOT of radishes, and I think I've perfected the Candied Radish. I'll share this week...they are like a candied cherry!


Fog's Rolling In....

We have been surrounded by fog quite a bit lately. We've truly had a gorgeous summer...and on the days we were supposed to get rocked by the heat...our little neck of the woods has been fogged in. I happen to love fog. Its mystery, its romance, its peacefulness. I love the way it lays a gray cloud of mist over the field and garden, the way it brings a cool, moist breeze to our hot summer skin. I LOVE fog. Loved it as a kid. Love it now. Do you like fog?


Gator Dreams

In an attempt to get in touch with my masculine side:
This is what I want:
This is what we have:
Those of you not familiar with the John Deere Gator...the bottom one is a kid's toy version.
I'd LOVE to have one to zip down to the garden...etc...
Some people prefer golf carts...I'd go for the Gator ;)
John Deere...I would be glad to do a full-fledged review for you if you'd like to donate one to our family. I'm just sayin'......

Need a Valance? I Hit the Jackpot!

Have you been looking for a valance? I have Pottery Barn valances in my kitchen...and LOVE them. I think it's time to change them...but I can't find the perfect blend of modern and traditional...so I guess they'll stay for a while; however, while I was looking, I found some gorgeous valances at Overstock.com

Black coral is my favorite. I picture a room with cool white cotton and touches of burlap and cotton canvas...soft muslins...

They all have tremendous potential...and I was happy to see they take Paypal. I can use my Ebay money to decorate the house! I resell my kids gently used clothing (mine too), and do very well. It has become my part-time job. It is a nice little supplementary income.

Hope you find a valance (or two) that you like...they really do finish off a room.


Two Great Etsy Finds

I recently purchased a couple of items on Etsy that I think are FABULOUS! Nothing beats handcrafted....and I mean handcrafted with excellent quality.

I bought this shabby chic Handmade Porch Pillow from Olde Tyme Marketplace in North Carolina. Beth shipped quickly and it looks perfect on our porch...which I had just shown a photo of on a previous post. The workmanship is lovely. (This photo is Beth's) Thanks Beth!
I also needed a cover for my Kindle. I searched hundreds before I came across Bluebird Mountain's E Reader Case (flexible). I LOVE it. My Kindle is protected nicely...and it's so pretty. It is TOP quality. (Photo from Bluebird Mountain)

Please click on the links and visit these shops and others. Etsy is an amazing space with a wide range of crafted and vintage items; but BEWARE...Etsy is addictive!!!!

Has Anyone Tried This? Looking for Advice....

Has anyone tried Wen Haircare? I am thinking of investing today but would love some advice! I have highlighted hair past my shoulders...fine, but not superfine...but I am genetically predisposed to what I call frizz...not straight, not curly...don't get me near fog or the beach. I manage to get it pretty straight in fall, winter, most of spring....but summer is like beachy crazy hair all the time.

So yes, no, maybe? Have you tried?


Off For a Fourth Luncheon...

We are of to my sister's Mother-in-Law's for a luncheon. She always has everything perfectly planned; so bringing food just doesn't seem right...so I opted for a little bottle of flowers..Enjoy the day!


Some Things That Make Me Smile...

Link up your kitchen today...Visit lovingprettythings.com

Our Sunporch
Tons of seating (Pottery Barn Teen)...loads of windows...a great hangout.

Our Kitchen

Standing on the deck looking in...kitchen/living room...where we spend 90% of our time.

The True Vintage Look of the Garage/Shed

My $2 Vintage Straw Bag...What a Find!

Our Kid's artwork

My list goes on forever...I'll post a few more each week. What makes you smile?
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