Easy Christmas Craft

My daughter and I crafted these "balls" this past weekend. I remembered buying something similar at a craft fair when I was a kid. I've never been able to find anything like them...so I decided to make them.


-styrofoam balls

-felt cut-outs: I bought mine on Etsy, but would sure like to know how to make my own!

-common pins with the colorful ball end (I'm sure they have a different name :0

-vintage seambinding...or any scraps of ribbon that coordinate


1. Place felt flowers on ball one at a time, sticking pin through center of flower.

2. Slightly overlap.

You may want to lay out your piles by color....much easier to alternate colors

3. When ball is filled, pull one flower up and fasten looped ribbon onto ball with pin.

That's it!!!! So very pretty!


Thanks for chatting!

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